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Mechanochemical Formation, Solution Rearrangements, and Catalytic Behavior of a Polymorphic Ca/K Allyl Complex. Koby, RF; Doerr, AM; Rightmire, NR; Schley, ND; Brennessel, WW; Long, BK; Hanusa, TP, CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 2021, 27, 8195-8202 View Abstract

Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy as a tool for evaluating lateral flow assays. DeSousa, JM; Jorge, MZ; Lindsay, HB; Haselton, FR; Wright, DW; Scherr, TF, ANALYTICAL METHODS 2021, 13, 2137-2146 View Abstract

Examining the Effect of Dopant Ionic Radius on Plasmonic M:ZnO Nanocrystals (M = Al3+, Ga3+, In3+). Conti, CR; McBride, JR; Strouse, GF, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 2021, 125, 7772-7779 View Abstract

Convergence of a common solution for broad ebolavirus neutralization by glycan cap-directed human antibodies. Murin, CD; Gilchuk, P; Ilinykh, PA; Huang, K; Kuzmina, N; Shen, XL; Bruhn, JF; Bryan, AL; Davidson, E; Doranz, BJ; Williamson, LE; Copps, J; Alkutkar, T; Flyak, AI; Bukreyev, A; Crowe, JE; Ward, AB, CELL REPORTS 2021, 35, 108984 View Abstract

Non-monotonic boundary resistivity for electron transport in metal nanowires. Tao, Y; Zhao, Y; Akter, M; Xu, TT; Chen, YF; Li, DY, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2021, 118, 153105 View Abstract

Preferential hole defect formation in monolayer WSe2 by electron-beam irradiation. Shin, D; Wang, G; Han, MJ; Lin, ZY; O'Hara, A; Chen, FY; Lin, JH; Pantelides, ST, PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS 2021, 5, 044002 View Abstract

Potent neutralization of Rift Valley fever virus by human monoclonal antibodies through fusion inhibition. Chapman, NS; Zhao, HY; Kose, N; Westover, JB; Kalveram, B; Bombardi, R; Rodriguez, J; Sutton, R; Genualdi, J; LaBeaud, AD; Mutuku, FM; Pittman, PR; Freiberg, AN; Gowen, BB; Fremont, DH; Crowe, JE, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2021, 118, e2025642118 View Abstract

Single Quantum Dot Tracking Unravels Agonist Effects on the Dopamine Receptor Dynamics. Kovtun, O; Torres, R; Ferguson, RS; Josephs, T; Rosenthal, SJ, BIOCHEMISTRY 2021, 60, 1031-1043 View Abstract

Multi-frequency coherent emission from superstructure thermal emitters. Lu, GY; Tadjer, M; Caldwell, JD; Folland, TG, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2021, 118, 141102 View Abstract

Design, Synthesis, and Validation of a Novel [C-11]Promethazine PET Probe for Imaging Abeta Using Autoradiography. Whitmore, CA; Boules, MI; Behof, WJ; Haynes, JR; Koktysh, D; Rosenberg, AJ; Tantawy, MN; Pham, W, MOLECULES 2021, 26, 2182 View Abstract

Human neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 require intact Fc effector functions for optimal therapeutic protection. Winkler, ES; Gilchuk, P; Yu, JS; Bailey, AL; Chen, RE; Chong, ZL; Zost, SJ; Jang, H; Huang, Y; Allen, JD; Case, JB; Sutton, RE; Carnahan, RH; Darling, TL; Boon, ACM; Mack, M; Head, RD; Ross, TM; Crowe, JE; Diamond, MS, CELL 2021, 184, 1804-+ View Abstract

Comparison of Subgenomic and Total RNA in SARS-CoV-2-Challenged Rhesus Macaques. Dagotto, G; Mercado, NB; Martinez, DR; Hou, YXJ; Nkolola, JP; Carnahan, RH; Crowe, JE; Baric, RS; Barouch, DH, JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2021, 95, e02370-20 View Abstract

Hydrogel microspheres for spatiotemporally controlled delivery of RNA and silencing gene expression within scaffold-free tissue engineered constructs. McMillan, A; Nguyen, MK; Huynh, CT; Sarett, SM; Ge, PL; Chetverikova, M; Nguyen, K; Grosh, D; Duvall, CL; Alsberg, E, ACTA BIOMATERIALIA 2021, 124, 315-326 View Abstract

Direct visualization of anionic electrons in an electride reveals inhomogeneities. Zheng, Q; Feng, TL; Hachtel, JA; Ishikawa, R; Cheng, YQ; Daemen, L; Xing, J; Idrobo, JC; Yan, JQ; Shibata, N; Ikuhara, Y; Sales, BC; Pantelides, ST; Chi, MF, SCIENCE ADVANCES 2021, 7, eabe6819 View Abstract

Prophylactic Cancer Vaccines Engineered to Elicit Specific Adaptive Immune Response. Crews, DW; Dombroski, JA; King, MR, FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2021, 11, 626463 View Abstract

Integral equation theory for mixtures of spherical and patchy colloids. 2. Numerical results. Kalyuzhnyi, YV; Nezbeda, I; Cummings, PT, SOFT MATTER 2021, 17, 3513-3519 View Abstract

Mid-wave to near-IR optoelectronic properties and epsilon-near-zero behavior in indium-doped cadmium oxide. Cleri, A; Tomko, J; Quiambao-Tomko, K; Imperatore, MV; Zhu, YL; Nolen, JR; Nordlander, J; Caldwell, JD; Mao, ZQ; Giebink, NC; Kelley, KP; Runnerstrom, EL; Hopkins, PE; Maria, JP, PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS 2021, 5, 035202 View Abstract

Nanopore-Based Power Generation from Salinity Gradient: Why It Is Not Viable. Wang, L; Wang, ZX; Patel, SK; Lin, SH; Elimelech, M, ACS NANO 2021, 15, 4093-4107 View Abstract

Modeling Immunity with Rosetta: Methods for Antibody and Antigen Design. Schoeder, CT; Schmitz, S; Adolf-Bryfogle, J; Sevy, AM; Finn, JA; Sauer, MF; Bozhanova, NG; Mueller, BK; Sangha, AK; Bonet, J; Sheehan, JH; Kuenze, G; Marlow, B; Smith, ST; Woods, H; Bender, BJ; Martina, CE; del Alamo, D; Kodali, P; Gulsevin, A; Schief, WR; Correia, BE; Crowe, JE; Meiler, J; Moretti, R, BIOCHEMISTRY 2021, 60, 825-846 View Abstract

Simulation of photo-electron spectrum and electron scattering by dual time propagation. Bhan, L; Covington, C; Rivas, J; Varga, K, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2021, 154, 114110 View Abstract

Resistance of SARS-CoV-2 variants to neutralization by monoclonal and serum-derived polyclonal antibodies. Chen, RTE; Zhang, XW; Case, JB; Winkler, ES; Liu, Y; VanBlargan, LA; Liu, JY; Errico, JM; Xie, XP; Suryadevara, N; Gilchuk, P; Zost, SJ; Tahan, S; Droit, L; Turner, JS; Kim, W; Schmitz, AJ; Thapa, M; Wang, DV; Boon, ACM; Presti, RM; O'Halloran, JA; Kim, AHJ; Deepak, P; Pinto, D; Fremont, DH; Crowe, JE; Corti, D; Virgin, HW; Ellebedy, AH; Shi, PY; Diamond, MS, NATURE MEDICINE 2021, 27, View Abstract

Overcoming TRAIL-resistance by sensitizing prostate cancer 3D spheroids with taxanes. Grayson, KA; Jyotsana, N; Ortiz-Otero, N; King, MR, PLOS ONE 2021, 16, e0246733 View Abstract

Mechanical properties of colloidal calcium-silicate-hydrate gel with different gel-pore ionic solutions: A mesoscale study. Yaphary, YL; Sanchez, F; Lau, D; Poon, CS, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS 2021, 316, 110944 View Abstract

Building new roads to stronger immunity. Wilson, JT; Lund, AW, SCIENCE ADVANCES 2021, 7, eabh3971 View Abstract

Impact of Surface Recombination on Single-Event Charge Collection in an SOI Technology. Tonigan, AM; Ball, D; Vizkelethy, G; Black, J; Black, D; Trippe, J; Bielejec, E; Alles, ML; Reed, R; Schrimpf, RD, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2021, 68, 305-311 View Abstract

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