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Binding energies and structures of two-dimensional excitonic complexes in transition metal dichalcogenides. Kidd, DW; Zhang, DK; Varga, K, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 2016, 93, 125423 View Abstract

Biomaterial-Based Approaches to Address Vein Graft and Hemodialysis Access Failures. Boire, TC; Balikov, DA; Lee, Y; Guth, CM; Cheung-Flynn, J; Sung, HJ, MACROMOLECULAR RAPID COMMUNICATIONS 2016, 37, 1860-1880 View Abstract

Biomimetic Microstructure Morphology in Electrospun Fiber Mats is Critical for Maintaining Healthy Cardiomyocyte Phenotype. Rath, R; Lee, JB; Tran, TL; Lenihan, SF; Galindo, CL; Su, YR; Absi, T; Bellan, LM; Sawyer, DB; Sung, HJ, CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOENGINEERING 2016, 9, 107-115 View Abstract

Capillarity-Driven Welding of Semiconductor Nanowires for Crystalline and Electrically Ohmic Junctions. Celano, TA; Hill, DJ; Zhang, X; Pinion, CW; Christesen, JD; Flynn, CJ; McBride, JR; Cahoon, JF, NANO LETTERS 2016, 16, 5241-5246 View Abstract

Cationic Nanocylinders Promote Angiogenic Activities of Endothelial Cells. Lee, JB; Balikov, DA; Yang, JW; Kim, KS; Park, HK; Kim, JK; Kwon, IK; Bellan, LM; Sung, HJ, POLYMERS 2016, 8, 15 View Abstract

Charge Transport Mechanisms in Heavy-Ion Driven Leakage Current in Silicon Carbide Schottky Power Diodes. Javanainen, A; Galloway, KF; Ferlet-Cavrois, V; Lauenstein, JM; Pintacuda, F; Schrimpf, RD; Reed, RA; Virtanen, A, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEVICE AND MATERIALS RELIABILITY 2016, 16, 208-212 View Abstract

Clinical Use of the Urine Biomarker [TIMP-2] x [ IGFBP7] for Acute Kidney Injury Risk Assessment. Vijayan, A; Faubel, S; Askenazi, DJ; Cerda, J; Fissell, WH; Heung, M; Humphreys, BD; Koyner, JL; Liu, KD; Mour, G; Nolin, TD; Bihorac, A, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF KIDNEY DISEASES 2016, 68, 19-28 View Abstract

Colistin-Functionalized Nanoparticles for the Rapid Capture of Acinetobacter baumannii. Miller, SE; Bell, CS; Mejias, R; McClain, MS; Cover, TL; Giorgio, TD, JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL NANOTECHNOLOGY 2016, 12, 1806-1819 View Abstract

Column-by-column observation of dislocation motion in CdTe: Dynamic scanning transmission electron microscopy. Li, C; Zhang, YY; Pennycook, TJ; Wu, YL; Lupini, AR; Paudel, N; Pantelides, ST; Yan, YF; Pennycook, SJ, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2016, 109, 143107 View Abstract

Comparison of different hypotensive anaesthesia techniques in orthognathic surgery with regard to intraoperative blood loss, quality of the surgical field, and postoperative nausea and vomiting. Lin, S; Chen, C; Yao, CF; Chen, YA; Chen, YR, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY 2016, 45, 1526-1530 View Abstract

Composite Membrane with Underwater-Oleophobic Surface for Anti-Oil-Fouling Membrane Distillation. Wang, ZX; Hou, DY; Lin, SH, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2016, 50, 3866-3874 View Abstract

Contact and Support Considerations in the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Activity of Petaled MoS2 Electrodes. Finn, ST; Macdonald, JE, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2016, 8, 25185-25192 View Abstract

Copolymer-Mediated Cell Aggregation Promotes a Proangiogenic Stem Cell Phenotype In Vitro and In Vivo. Crowder, SW; Balikov, DA; Boire, TC; McCormack, D; Lee, JB; Gupta, MK; Skala, MC; Sung, HJ, Advanced Healthcare Materials 2016, 5, 2866-2871

Correlation of proton irradiation induced threshold voltage shifts to deep level traps in AlGaN/GaN heterostructures. Zhang, Z; Cardwell, D; Sasikumar, A; Kyle, ECH; Chen, J; Zhang, EX; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD; Speck, JS; Arehart, AR; Ringel, SA, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2016, 119, 165704 View Abstract

Crosslinked poly(phenylene oxide)-based nanofiber composite membranes for alkaline fuel cells. Park, AM; Wycisk, RJ; Ren, XM; Turley, FE; Pintauro, PN, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 2016, 4, 132-141 View Abstract

Defect Luminescence from Wurtzite CuInS2 Nanocrystals: Combined Experimental and Theoretical Analysis. Leach, ADP; Shen, X; Faust, A; Cleveland, MC; La Croix, AD; Banin, U; Pantelides, ST; Macdonald, JE, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 2016, 120, 5207-5212 View Abstract

Defects Engineered Monolayer MoS2 for Improved Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. Ye, GL; Gong, YJ; Lin, JH; Li, B; He, YM; Pantelides, ST; Zhou, W; Vajtai, R; Ajayan, PM, NANO LETTERS 2016, 16, 1097-1103 View Abstract

Degradation and annealing effects caused by oxygen in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors. Jiang, R; Shen, X; Chen, J; Duan, GX; Zhang, EX; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD; Kaun, SW; Kyle, ECH; Speck, JS; Pantelides, ST, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2016, 109, 023511 View Abstract

Depth-resolved analytical model and correction algorithm for photothermal optical coherence tomography. Lapierre-Landry, M; Tucker-Schwartz, JM; Skala, MC, BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS 2016, 7, 2607-2622 View Abstract

Design of Photonic Crystal Cavities for Extreme Light Concentration. Hu, SR; Weiss, SM, ACS PHOTONICS 2016, 3, 1647-1653 View Abstract

Detergent-Mediated Formation of beta-Hematin: Heme Crystallization Promoted by Detergents Implicates Nanostructure Formation for Use as a Biological Mimic. Sandlin, RD; Fong, KY; Stiebler, R; Gulka, CP; Nesbitt, JE; Oliveira, MP; Oliveira, MF; Wright, DW, CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN 2016, 16, 2542-2551 View Abstract

Development and thermal properties of carbon nanotube-polymer composites. Jackson, EM; Laibinis, PE; Collins, WE; Ueda, A; Wingard, CD; Penn, B, COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING 2016, 89, 362-373 View Abstract

Development of 3D Microvascular Networks Within Gelatin Hydrogels Using Thermoresponsive Sacrificial Microfibers. Lee, JB; Wang, XT; Faley, S; Baer, B; Balikov, DA; Sung, HJ; Bellan, LM, ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS 2016, 5, 781-785

Development of Poly(epsilon-Caprolactone) Scaffold Loaded with Simvastatin and Beta-Cyclodextrin Modified Hydroxyapatite Inclusion Complex for Bone Tissue Engineering. Lee, JB; Kim, JE; Bae, MS; Park, SA; Balikov, DA; Sung, HJ; Jeon, HB; Park, HK; Um, SH; Lee, KS; Kwon, IK, POLYMERS 2016, 8, 49 View Abstract

Different extent in decline of infant mortality by region and cause in Shenyang, China. Huang, YH; Wu, QJ; Li, LL; Li, D; Li, J; Zhou, C; Wu, L; Zhu, JJ; Gong, TT, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016, 6, 24527 View Abstract

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