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Functionalization of carbon silica composites with active metal sites for NH3 and SO2 adsorption. Barpaga, D; LeVan, MD, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS 2016, 221, 197-203 View Abstract

Fundamental aspects of electric double layer force-distance measurements at liquid-solid interfaces using atomic force microscopy. Black, JM; Zhu, MY; Zhang, PF; Unocic, RR; Guo, DQ; Okatan, MB; Dai, S; Cummings, PT; Kalinin, SV; Feng, G; Balke, N, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016, 6, 32389 View Abstract

Gold Nanoantenna-Mediated Photothermal Drug Delivery from Thermosensitive Liposomes in Breast Cancer. Ou, Yu-Chuan; Webb, Joseph A.; Faley, Shannon; Shae, Daniel; Talbert, Eric M.; Lin, Sharon, Cutright, Camden C.; Wilson, John T.; Bellan, Leon M. and Bardhan, Rizia, ACS Omega 2016, 1, 234-243 View Abstract

Gold nanotriangles decorated with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: a compositional and microstructural study. Hachtel, JA; Yu, S; Lupini, AR; Pantelides, ST; Gich, M; Laromaine, A; Roig, A, FARADAY DISCUSSIONS 2016, 191, 215-227 View Abstract

Gross vs. net energy: Towards a rational framework for assessing the practical viability of pressure retarded osmosis. Wang, ZX; Hou, DY; Lin, SH, JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE 2016, 503, 132-147 View Abstract

Heterogeneous nucleation and growth dynamics in the light-induced phase transition in vanadium dioxide. Brady, NF; Appavoo, K; Seo, M; Nag, J; Prasankumar, RP; Haglund, RF; Hilton, DJ, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER 2016, 28, 125603 View Abstract

High conversion of HAuCl4 into gold nanorods: A re-seeding approach. Canonico-May, SA; Beavers, KR; Melvin, MJ; Alkilany, AM; Duvall, CL; Stone, JW, JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 2016, 463, 229-232 View Abstract

High On/Off Ratio Memristive Switching of Manganite/Cuprate Bilayer by Interfacial Magnetoelectricity. Shen, X; Pennycook, TJ; Hernandez-Martin, D; Perez, A; Puzyrev, YS; Liu, YH; te Velthuis, SGE; Freeland, JW; Shafer, P; Zhu, CH; Varela, M; Leon, C; Sefrioui, Z; Santamaria, J; Pantelides, ST, ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES 2016, 3, 1600086 View Abstract

High Performance Particle/Polymer Nanofiber Anodes for Li-ion Batteries using Electrospinning. Self, EC; McRen, EC; Pintauro, PN, CHEMSUSCHEM 2016, 9, 208-215 View Abstract

High-Field Stress, Low-Frequency Noise, and Long-Term Reliability of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs. Chen, J; Puzyrev, YS; Zhang, EX; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD; Arehart, AR; Ringel, SA; Kaun, SW; Kyle, ECH; Speck, JS; Saunier, P; Lee, C; Pantelides, ST, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEVICE AND MATERIALS RELIABILITY 2016, 16, 282-289 View Abstract

Hot-Carrier Degradation in GaN HEMTs Due to Substitutional Iron and Its Complexes. Mukherjee, S; Puzyrev, Y; Chen, J; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD; Pantelides, ST, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES 2016, 63, 1486-1494 View Abstract

Human Neurovascular Unit On-A-Chip: Microscale Systems for Tissue-Level Response. Wikswo, JP; Bowman, AB; Brown, JB; Codreanu, SG; Markov, DA; May, JA; McCawley, LJ; McLean, JA; Neely, D; Pensabene, V; Sherrod, SD; Shi, MJ; Webb, DJ, NEUROTOXICOLOGY AND TERATOLOGY 2016, 55, 67-67

Human Neurovascular Unit On-A-Chip: Microscale Systems for Tissue-Level Response. Wikswo, JP; Bowman, AB; Brown, JB; Codreanu, SG; Markov, DA; May, JA; Mccawley, LJ; Mclean, JA; Neely, MD; Pensabene, V; Sherrod, SD; Shi, M; Webb, DJ, BIRTH DEFECTS RESEARCH PART A-CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR TERATOLOGY 2016, 106, 364-364

Hydrolytic charge-reversal of PEGylated polyplexes enhances intracellular un-packaging and activity of siRNA. Werfel, TA; Swain, C; Nelson, CE; Kilchrist, KV; Evans, BC; Miteva, M; Duvall, CL, JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART A 2016, 104, 917-927 View Abstract

Hydrophobic interactions between polymeric carrier and palmitic acid-conjugated siRNA improve PEGylated polyplex stability and enhance in vivo pharmacokinetics and tumor gene silencing. Sarett, SM; Werfel, TA; Chandra, I; Jackson, MA; Kavanaugh, TE; Hattaway, ME; Giorgio, TD; Duvall, CL, BIOMATERIALS 2016, 97, 122-132 View Abstract

Immunomagnetic capture and colorimetric detection of malarial biomarker Plasmodium falciparum lactate dehydrogenase. Markwalter, CF; Davis, KM; Wright, DW, ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY 2016, 493, 30-34 View Abstract

Implantation and Diffusion of Silicon Marker Layers in In0.53Ga0.47As. Aldridge, H; Lind, AG; Bomberger, CC; Puzyrev, Y; Hatem, C; Gwilliam, RM; Zide, JMO; Pantelides, ST; Law, ME; Jones, KS, JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS 2016, 45, 4282-4287 View Abstract

Improved proliferation of antigen-specific cytolytic T lymphocytes using a multimodal nanovaccine. Li, B; Siuta, M; Bright, V; Koktysh, D; Matlock, BK; Dumas, ME; Zhu, MY; Holt, A; Stec, D; Deng, SL; Savage, PB; Joyce, S; Pham, W, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE 2016, 11, 6103-6121 View Abstract

Improving Light Harvesting in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Hybrid Bimetallic Nanostructures. Zarick, HF; Erwin, WR; Boulesbaa, A; Hurd, OK; Webb, JA; Puretzky, AA; Geohegan, DB; Bardhan, R, ACS PHOTONICS 2016, 3, 385-394 View Abstract

Influence of Ionizing Radiation and the Role of Thiol Ligands on the Reversible Photodarkening of CdTe/CdS Quantum Dots. Gaur, G; Koktysh, DS; Fleetwood, DM; Weller, RA; Reed, RA; Rogers, BR; Weiss, SM, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2016, 8, 7869-7876 View Abstract

Influence of Surface Morphology on the Shear-Induced Wear of Alkylsilane Monolayers: Molecular Dynamics Study. Summers, AZ; Iacovella, CR; Billingsley, MR; Arnold, ST; Cummings, PT; McCabe, C, LANGMUIR 2016, 32, 2348-2359 View Abstract

Influence of Surface Oxidation on Ion Dynamics and Capacitance in Porous and Nonporous Carbon Electrodes. Dyatkin, B; Zhang, Y; Mamontov, E; Kolesnikov, AI; Cheng, YQ; Meyer, HM; Cummings, PT; Gogotsi, Y, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 2016, 120, 8730-8741 View Abstract

Interconnected foams of helical carbon nanofibers grown with ultrahigh yield for high capacity sodium ion battery anodes. Li, MY; Carter, R; Cohn, AP; Pint, CL, CARBON 2016, 107, 109-115 View Abstract

Interface strain in vertically stacked two-dimensional heterostructured carbon-MoS2 nanosheets controls electrochemical reactivity. Oakes, L; Carter, R; Hanken, T; Cohn, AP; Share, K; Schmidt, B; Pint, CL, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2016, 7, 11796 View Abstract

Interplay of structural and compositional effects on carrier recombination in mixed-halide perovskites. Talbert, EM; Zarick, HF; Orfield, NJ; Li, W; Erwin, WR; DeBra, ZR; Reid, KR; McDonald, CP; McBride, JR; Valentine, J; Rosenthal, SJ; Bardhan, R, RSC ADVANCES 2016, 6, 86947-86954 View Abstract

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