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Simulation of photo-electron spectrum and electron scattering by dual time propagation. Bhan, L; Covington, C; Rivas, J; Varga, K, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2021, 154, 114110 View Abstract

Resistance of SARS-CoV-2 variants to neutralization by monoclonal and serum-derived polyclonal antibodies. Chen, RTE; Zhang, XW; Case, JB; Winkler, ES; Liu, Y; VanBlargan, LA; Liu, JY; Errico, JM; Xie, XP; Suryadevara, N; Gilchuk, P; Zost, SJ; Tahan, S; Droit, L; Turner, JS; Kim, W; Schmitz, AJ; Thapa, M; Wang, DV; Boon, ACM; Presti, RM; O'Halloran, JA; Kim, AHJ; Deepak, P; Pinto, D; Fremont, DH; Crowe, JE; Corti, D; Virgin, HW; Ellebedy, AH; Shi, PY; Diamond, MS, NATURE MEDICINE 2021, 27, View Abstract

Overcoming TRAIL-resistance by sensitizing prostate cancer 3D spheroids with taxanes. Grayson, KA; Jyotsana, N; Ortiz-Otero, N; King, MR, PLOS ONE 2021, 16, e0246733 View Abstract

Mechanical properties of colloidal calcium-silicate-hydrate gel with different gel-pore ionic solutions: A mesoscale study. Yaphary, YL; Sanchez, F; Lau, D; Poon, CS, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS 2021, 316, 110944 View Abstract

Building new roads to stronger immunity. Wilson, JT; Lund, AW, SCIENCE ADVANCES 2021, 7, eabh3971 View Abstract

Impact of Surface Recombination on Single-Event Charge Collection in an SOI Technology. Tonigan, AM; Ball, D; Vizkelethy, G; Black, J; Black, D; Trippe, J; Bielejec, E; Alles, ML; Reed, R; Schrimpf, RD, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2021, 68, 305-311 View Abstract

Citation Impact of Outstanding Conference Papers of the IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference. Fleetwood, DM, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2021, 68, 325-337 View Abstract

Traction-separation response of bilayer graphene interfaces: The role of an intercalated single atomic layer of water molecules and hydroxyl groups. Al-Muhit, B; Sanchez, F, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2021, 540, 148280 View Abstract

Tunneling Effects in Crossed Ta2Pt3Se8-Ta2Pd3Se8 Nanowire Junctions: Implications for Anisotropic Photodetectors. Wang, TJ; Zhu, YL; Mao, ZQ; Xu, YQ, ACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS 2021, 4, 1817-1824 View Abstract

Engineering the Spectral and Spatial Dispersion of Thermal Emission via Polariton-Phonon Strong Coupling. Lu, GY; Gubbin, CR; Nolen, JR; Folland, T; Tadjer, MJ; De Liberato, S; Caldwell, JD, NANO LETTERS 2021, 21, 1831-1838 View Abstract

Pre-Sodiated Ti3C2Tx MXene Structure and Behavior as Electrode for Sodium-Ion Capacitors. Brady, A; Liang, K; Vuong, VQ; Sacci, R; Prenger, K; Thompson, M; Matsumoto, R; Cummings, P; Irle, S; Wang, HW; Naguib, M, ACS NANO 2021, 15, 2994-3003 View Abstract

Effect of Vitamin C, Thiamine, and Hydrocortisone on Ventilator- and Vasopressor-Free Days in Patients With Sepsis The VICTAS Randomized Clinical Trial. Sevransky, JE; Rothman, RE; Hager, DN; Bernard, GR; Brown, SM; Buchman, TG; Busse, LW; Coopersmith, CM; DeWilde, C; Ely, W; Eyzaguirre, LM; Fowler, AA; Gaieski, DF; Gong, MN; Hall, A; Hinson, JS; Hooper, MH; Kelen, GD; Khan, A; Levine, MA; Lewis, RJ; Lindsell, CJ; Marlin, JS; McGlothlin, A; Moore, BL; Nugent, KL; Nwosu, S; Polito, CC; Rice, TW; Ricketts, EP; Rudolph, CC; Sanfilippo, F; Viele, K; Martin, GS; Wright, DW, JAMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 2021, 325, 742-751 View Abstract

Citation Diversity Statement in BMES Journals. Duma, SM; Rowson, B; King, MR; Efimov, I; Saterbak, A; Chesler, NC, ANNALS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING 2021, 49, 947-949

The cyanobacterial lectin, microvirin-N, enhances the specificity and sensitivity of lipoarabinomannan-based TB diagnostic tests. van der Horst, M; Karamchand, L; Bauer, WS; Nel, AJM; Blackburn, JM; Wright, DW, ANALYST 2021, 146, 1207-1215 View Abstract

Filterless Nondispersive Infrared Sensing using Narrowband Infrared Emitting Metamaterials. Livingood, A; Nolen, JR; Folland, TG; Potechin, L; Lu, GY; Criswell, S; Maria, JP; Shelton, CT; Sachet, E; Caldwell, JD, ACS PHOTONICS 2021, 8, 472-480 View Abstract

A high-throughput Galectin-9 imaging assay for quantifying nanoparticle uptake, endosomal escape and functional RNA delivery. Munson, MJ; O'Driscoll, G; Silva, AM; Lazaro-Ibanez, E; Gallud, A; Wilson, JT; Collen, A; Esbjorner, EK; Sabirsh, A, COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY 2021, 4, 211 View Abstract

Confined variational calculation of positronium-hydrogen scattering below the positronium excitation threshold. Wu, MS; Zhang, JY; Qian, Y; Varga, K; Schwingenschlogl, U; Yan, ZC, PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2021, 103, 022817 View Abstract

Pore model for nanofiltration: History, theoretical framework, key predictions, limitations, and prospects. Wang, RY; Lin, SH, JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE 2021, 620, 118809 View Abstract

Superhydrophobic-omniphobic membrane with anti-deformable pores for membrane distillation with excellent wetting resistance. Zhu, ZG; Zhong, LL; Horseman, T; Liu, ZY; Zeng, GF; Li, ZY; Lin, SH; Wang, W, JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE 2021, 620, 118768 View Abstract

Sodium-Sulfur Batteries Enabled by a Protected Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Solid Electrolyte. Ren, YX; Hortance, N; McBride, J; Hatzell, KB, ACS ENERGY LETTERS 2021, 6, 345-353 View Abstract

Keith E. Gubbins: A retrospective. Cummings, PT; Hall, CK; Jackson, G; Palmer, JC, AICHE JOURNAL 2021, 67, e17191

Nanoparticle delivery improves the pharmacokinetic properties of cyclic dinucleotide STING agonists to open a therapeutic window for intravenous administration. Wehbe, M; Wang-Bishop, L; Becker, KW; Shae, D; Baljon, JJ; He, XY; Christov, P; Boyd, KL; Balko, JM; Wilson, JT, JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE 2021, 330, 1118-1129 View Abstract

Magnetic properties of gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles in a porous SiO2 shell for drug delivery. Kamali, S; Yu, E; Bates, B; McBride, JR; Johnson, CE; Taufour, V; Stroeve, P, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER 2021, 33, 065301 View Abstract

Coupled Maxwell and time-dependent orbital-free density functional calculations. Covington, C; Malave, J; Varga, K, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 2021, 103, 075119 View Abstract

Scalable synthesis of nanoporous atomically thin graphene membranes for dialysis and molecular separations via facile isopropanol-assisted hot lamination. Cheng, PF; Moehring, NK; Idrobo, JC; Ivanov, IN; Kidambi, PR, NANOSCALE 2021, 13, 2825-2837 View Abstract

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