Housing and Residential Education | Vanderbilt University

<h4>E. Bronson Ingram College </h4>
Scheduled to open in August 2018, this newest residential college will be home to a Faculty Director, two Graduate Fellows, an Area Coordinator and 340 upper class students. <h4>The McGill Project</h4> The mission of the McGill Project is to foster free thought, creative expression, and inclusive community. Learn more about this LLC - applications due Feburary 5th! <h4>McTyeire International House</h4> McTyeire promotes the use of foreign languages and the awareness of different cultures. Applications for this LLC are due on February 5th! <h4>The Mayfield Experience</h4> Ten students, one lodge, one project! Learn more about this self-generated, self-directed LLC and all it has to offer. Applications due February 5th! <h4>The Undergraduate Residential Requirement</h4> Vanderbilt University is a residential campus for undergraduate students, and the residential experience is understood to be an integral part of a Vanderbilt education.

Our Mission

The Office of Housing and Residential Education provides safe, secure, comfortable, accessible and healthy housing for its residents. Programming for residents builds communities in which students’ social needs for belonging, friendship, recognition, respect and dignity are met. These communities foster learning, personal development, academic achievement, and successful transitions for both new students and graduates.