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Room Furnishings

Furnishings for Each Student

  • Bed
    • Wood; lofted with 60″ maximum height from floor to bottom of bed surface; height is user adjustable
    • Bed rails are available by request upon arrival on campus
    • To lower the height of the mattress, mallets are available by request. See the RA or HR in your building. Move Crew members will NOT be able to assist with the beds. An instructional video is available on the housing website here
  • Mattress
    • 36″w x 78″l (standard twin sheets will accomodate
      most padding)
  • Chests
    • Two 3-drawer chests—23.5″d x 25.5″w x 29.625″h;
      one with lockable drawer (bring your own padlock)
  • Desk
    • 23.5″d x 26.75″w x 29.625″h
  • Desk Chair
    • Two-position, metal, with upholstered seat and back
  • Electrical
    • 1 double outlet per resident (we suggest a power strip with surge protector for additional plugs)
  • Data Port
    • 1 per room
  • Cable TV Port
    • 1 per room
  • Robe Hook
    • 1 per resident
  • Towel Bar/Hook
    • 1 per resident
  • Closet Shelves
    • Wire shelving

NOTE: Telephone landlines are not provided.

Furnishings for Each Room

  • Window Treatment
    • Mini-blinds
  • Lighting
    • Overhead fluorescent
  • Full-length Mirror
    • 1 per room
  • Trash Can
    • 1 per room
  • Recycling Bin
    • 1 per room

House Features & Amenities

• Commodore Card-controlled access to your building
• ADA accessible
• Central air conditioning
• Fire sprinklers and smoke detectors*
• Free Xfinity On-Campus IPTV Service**
• Free wireless and Ethernet network throughout the building
• Carpeted corridors
• Custodial service in common area baths, lounges, and corridors

*CO2, humidity, and temperature detectors are not standard in residential rooms
**Reception of IPTV signals requires a TV equipped with a “QAM” tuner. A QAM tuner is a device
that enables direct reception of digital cable channels without the need for a set-top box. Most U.S. TVs sold after 2006 include QAM tuners. TVs without a QAM tuner will not work with IPTV.

Residence Life Policies

Residents assume individual and joint responsibility for cleaning their rooms, the condition of their rooms and furnishings plus that of shared spaces (e.g., corridors, bathrooms, lounges, lobbies), and for any damage or loss that may occur during their occupancy. As stated in the Vanderbilt Student Handbook, university-issued furnishings may not be removed from residents’ rooms. Likewise, common area furnishings may not be moved into student rooms. Residents are responsible for taking their trash and recyclables to the outside dumpsters and recycling stations provided for these purposes. We expect students to leave residence hall rooms in the condition they were in upon move-in. Refer to the Student Handbook for these and other residential policies.