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Bona Fide









Project Description

We desire to live faith in a bona fide manner—genuinely and “in good faith” as the Latin is translated.  But what does this mean?  We intend to examine the interface and overlap of commitment to faith and membership in secular communities such as Vanderbilt.  By learning to better articulate the role of faith in secular communities, we hope to be able to better navigate these commitments.  Our project grew out of practical questions and dilemmas that span the intellectual, spiritual, apostolic, and human facets of faith.  For example, to what extent can and should faith be integrated into our studies?  What does it mean to live faith in a practical, everyday way in a secular community?  What implications do faith commitments have for our roles as residents of Nashville, citizens of the United States, and members of the global community?  Living in community will give us the intimacy required to deeply engage one another on these issues and to hold each other accountable to the individual creeds we profess.  We will place a particular but not exclusive focus on the Catholic faith.