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Living Learning Communities

Vanderbilt’s Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide opportunities for students with similar educational interests to live together in residence halls offering structured learning environments. The Office of Housing and Residential Education sponsors many of these communities with the support of various academic departments and faculty members. We also house LLCs that are sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences, Leadership Development & Intercultural Affairs, and the Office of Arts & Creative Engagement.

The fundamental premise of the Vanderbilt living learning experience is that the residence hall is an important part of the total education of its participants. Exposure to educational themes outside the classroom will allow students to take ownership of their living and learning at Vanderbilt.  We also expect that the additional interaction with faculty outside the classroom will expand the students’ comfort with building relationships with their own professors and instructors. Students who live together and focus around common intellectual purpose have better opportunities to reinforce their academic goals.

Because Living Learning Communities tend to focus on a certain academic discipline, it’s natural to think that the individual communities would be homogenous. However, our programs are designed to attract diversity.  Students from any school or discipline who wish to live in an LLC are welcome. Both men and women may participate in any of these unique program initiatives as well.  Both Mayfield Lodges and McGill Hall have opportunities for students to live in a gender-neutral environment should they desire.  Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors may apply and be assigned to Living Learning Communities while first years get a living learning experience at The Ingram Commons.

In addition to the residential staff (professional staff, head residents, and resident advisors), Living Learning Communities also have Program Coordinators who facilitate and oversee each LLC program. The program coordinators include faculty, staff, and graduate students.

LLC Week 2016 Schedule

LLC Applications

LLC Application Dates:

Applications for 2016-2017 LLCs are now closed.

Application Links:

Mayfield Lodges
The Mayfield Lodges Application for 2016-2017 is now closed. In order to submit your group’s application, have one member of your group log in to eRezlife, and create a profile. To access the application look under “Job Postings” and find the “Mayfield Lodges Group Applications 2015-2016″. Make sure that only one member of your group opens and submits an application through eRezlife. Applications close February 5th, 2016.

The McGill Project
The McGill Project Application for 2016-2017 is now closed. You can find it on Anchor Link. Applications close February 5th, 2016.

McTyeire International House
McTyeire Language Groups Application for 2016-2017
McTyeire International Interest Hall Application for 2016-2017

Mayfield Lodges

The Mayfield Lodges are allocated to groups of ten students who live together in order to pursue a self-directed, year-long program of educational activities, including, but not limited to, community service and service learning projects.

McGill Project

McGill Project members are part of an ongoing tradition of discovery and acceptance. This exploration is exhibited in weekly McGill Hours facilitated by Vanderbilt faculty and staff and in the yearly McGill Project held in the spring semester.

McTyeire International House

The McTyeire Living Learning program promotes the use of foreign languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Russian, and Japanese) and an awareness of the diversity of cultures through weekly language dinners and a weekly study break. McTyeire also offers an International Interest Hall that focuses on the discussion of global social, cultural, and political issues. McTyeire International House is a project of the College of Arts and Science in partnership with the Office of Housing and Residential Education and Vanderbilt Dining.