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Residence Hall Rates

Rate listed below is the rate per student, as approved by the Board of Trust.

2014-2015 HOUSING RATE (per Semester): $4,696

Vanderbilt’s Unified Housing Rate: For many years, Vanderbilt has had a single housing rate for all students in all of our residence halls regardless of building, room type, location, and amenities. All students pay the same amount for on-campus housing and programming in the residence halls.

Vanderbilt follows this practice for several reasons.

  • Ease of budgeting for college expenses: The unified rate structure helps because families can count on the cost of housing to remain stable even if, for some reason, the student changes rooms during the semester. In a tiered rate structure, moving from one room to another could result in a large increase in cost to the family.
  • Equal opportunity to experience any of our residential communities: The unified rate structure allows students to pursue the community of their choice in a selection process driven by seniority and procedural fairness. Like classes and majors, cost is not a factor.
  • Peace of mind and focus on academics: For some students, the housing assignment process can be a source of anxiety that distracts from what should be their primary focus, their educational goals. By eliminating cost as a consideration, students can pursue the housing of their choice without concern for whether their friends can afford to live with them.

The semester rate stated above includes a $6.00 per semester Vanderbilt Student Government fee that funds programs throughout the term.