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I’m a new student. When will I know my room assignment for the fall?

Housing assignments are mailed to new students in early August. The information provided will include the residence hall, room number, telephone number, P.O. Box number and the name, address and phone number of roommate, if applicable. To safeguard students’ privacy, housing assignment information is not available by phone.

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When can I move in?

First-year move-in for the Class of 2018 will be Saturday, August 22, 2015. First-year students will be assigned specific times between 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM to move in. Detailed move-in instructions and specific move-in times will be sent to students with their room assignment letters mailed on or about August 1.

Move-in for new transfer students will be Saturday, August 22. Transfer students will be assigned specific times to move in. Detailed move-in instructions and specific move-in times will be sent to transfer students with their room assignment letters.

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I want to bring my car to campus. Where can I park?

University policy requires that all students, faculty and staff who operate vehicles on campus, register them with the Office of Traffic and Parking in the Wesley Place Garage. First-year students are not permitted to park vehicles on campus. A variety of reserved- and permit-parking options are available for upperclassmen. For more information, call the parking office at 615/322-2554 or email parking@vanderbilt.edu.

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What transportation is available to and from the campus?

Students can travel to/from campus by cab, shuttle service, or by public transportation. Average taxi fare between the airport and University area is approximately $20-$25 (approximately 20 minutes driving time).

Zipcars are available by the hour or by the day–wheels when you want them. Best of all: gas, insurance and 180 free miles are included with every reservation. The low hourly rate includes everything you need (except a destination).  Who can join? All Vanderbilt employees, students, and departments may apply for the Zipcar program. (Click here for the Zipcar FAQ.)

Shuttle service information can be obtained from the airport or near-by motels/hotels. Reserved fares average $9 one way to $15 round-trip. Various student groups sponsor a shuttle service during holiday breaks.

The Metropolitan Transit Service will mail bus schedules for public transportation to and from the University area by calling 615-862-5950.

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What should I bring to campus?

Please feel free to bring:

  • headphones for sound systems
  • linens, including sheets, towels, pillows, pillowcases, and blankets
  • clothing, including a bathrobe; toiletries, personal items, books, an alarm clock, and a study lamp
  • a bicycle with lock (the Department of Security recommends a U-shaped lock and requires you to register your bicycle)
  • an 800-watt microwave with an interior capacity of no more than one cubic foot
  • a three-way adapter for electrical outlets
  • multi-outlet power strips with circuit breaker protection and minimum ratings of 15 amps and 1800 watts

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What furnishings will be provided in my room?

For information concerning room furnishings in various residence halls, please select the name of the residence hall at the Our Residence Halls! page.

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Can we bring extra furniture? Will it fit?

We do not recommend bringing any extra furniture until you survey your assigned space. University furniture may not be removed from student rooms, so furniture you bring will have to share space in your room with University furniture. Many students find that refrigerators, TVs, stereos, etc., take up more space than they thought. If a roommate is involved, it is best to confirm what space his or her belongings require.

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Is there anything else I shouldn’t bring to campus?

Please do not bring:

  • a powerful sound system (a personal-size system with headphones is fine)
  • wireless acces points (routers, AirPorts, etc.)
  • a mattress (University mattresses and boxsprings may not be removed)
  • a hot plate, popcorn popper, a toaster oven, grill (like a George Foreman grill) or any appliance with an exposed heating element
  • halogen lamps
  • a loft or waterbed
  • pets (except fish)
  • fireworks
  • firearms and other weapons
  • dartboards
  • concrete blocks

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Are vacuum cleaners, mops, brooms or cleaning materials provided?

A vacuum cleaner will be available for check-out at the reception desk. Housekeeping provides trash bags; no other cleaning materials are supplied. Housekeeping services are provided for suite and common area bathrooms.

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Are ironing boards and irons provided in the laundry area?


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Are shower curtains provided?

Yes. Shower curtains are provided in private bathrooms; common area bathrooms may have shower curtains or doors.

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What about storage?

Limited storage is available in some residence halls on a first-come, first-served basis. Each student is limited to two items. Consider using luggage, trunks, or trash cans (plastic or galvanized that you can secure with a chain and lock) for storage. Fire regulations prevent the storage of cardboard containers such as computer or speaker boxes. These items may not be stored before a student’s arrival in the fall.

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Will my room be carpeted?

Student rooms in all residence halls are carpeted, except in Crawford, Gillette, Murray, Stambaugh, Sutherland, and  Hank Ingram where hallways and common areas are carpted but student rooms have tile floors.

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What are the colors of paint, carpet, wall-covering, drapes, blinds and desk chair?

In student rooms, paint, wall covering, drapery, mini-blinds and desk chair tend to be neutral in color, ranging from beige to tan. Nothing is white. Carpets have multi-colored specks on a neutral (beige or tan) background.

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What about cable TV service? Is there an outlet for cable TV?

TeleVU, the university’s cable TV network, is available through a hard-wired jack in each single room, double room and apartment on campus.

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How can we best set up a computer and still have study space?

While most students bring a laptop, desks can generally support a tower or all-in-one computer. The University Book Store is familiar with residence hall furnishings and can help students arrange their study/work space.

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How can we hook a computer up to the campus network?

The Residential Computing Network (ResNet) is available in all residence halls. Wireless service is provided to all the rooms and many common areas. In addition, all rooms are equipped with hard-wired network jacks. To learn more about ResNet, including information about the minimum technical requirements of the system and instructional services, visithttp://www.vanderbilt.edu/resnet, e-mail resnet@vanderbilt.edu, or call the ResNet Information Line at (888) 310-6466.

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What will be the dimensions of my mattress?

The mattresses provided in University residence halls measure 36″ in width and 78″ in length.

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I would like to change my room assignment. What can I do?

Since every living space on campus is assigned to a student prior to move-in, room
changes are not considered prior to the beginning of school. Approximately
two weeks after the beginning of classes, students may request room changes. A student seeking a room change should schedule a meeting with the Area Coordinator responsible for his or her residence hall at that time.

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I have a maintenance problem in my room. What do I do?

Each residential area on campus is staffed by an Area Maintenance Supervisor (AMS).

Routine maintenance requests should be reported to your AMS. Each AMS has an office open during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM). A 24-hour voice mail service is also available. To report a maintenance problem via email, please use the Maintenance Request Form. Please note that after-hours voice and email messages will not be read or heard until the next business day.

In cases of emergency during regular business hours, call the Area Maintenance Supervisor. For immediate attention after hours and on the weekend, contact your resident advisor or Area Coordinator.

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To whom can I turn for help or advice?

Students with problems or questions often turn to their resident advisers(RA) or head residents for help. A resident adviser is assigned to each student. Resident advisers are students who live in the residence halls and who have been specially trained to provide appropriate assistance to other residents. All resident advisers are supervised by a head resident and one of eight Area Coordinators (ACs). ACs live on campus and are cell phone equipped 24 hours per day, seven days a week. In addition, three Associate Directors of Residence Life, as well as the Dean of Students live on the campus. At any hour of the day or night, there will always be a staff member available to help you by providing information, advice, counsel, referral or assistance in emergencies.

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How does a student make long-distance calls? What about the roommate?

Vanderbilt Telecommunications can open a V-Net account with a special code to charge calls from any campus phone, or students can use their own long-distance calling card. No calls can be charged to a student’s phone. A V-Net application and Voice Mail information will be included in the housing assignment materials for first-year students.

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Does Vanderbilt have a laundry or dry cleaning pick-up/delivery service?

Yes. Self-service laundry facilities are located in each of the eight residential areas. Washers and dryers in these laundries accept payment via the Commodore Card and coins.

Dry cleaning and bundled laundry service is also available on campus. Information about the sevice is available at www.commodorelaundry.com.

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How can I ship boxes by UPS or U.S. Mail to campus?

Please visit Vanderbilt Mail Services for all questions pertaining to mail.

Call Station B Post Office at 615-322-2934 for more information or if your have questions.

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Is it necessary to have a bank account in Nashville?

No, but representatives from local banks are present on campus during the first few days of orientation to assist students with their banking needs. It is advisable to seek assistance from your home bank representative about what services they may provide while considering an account at home or in Nashville (bank card fees, transferring funds from your account to student, etc). Two banks, Sun Trust (888-390-BANK) and Regions Bank (800-342-8240) have offered toll free numbers for inquiries about their services.

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Where is the closest ATM?

ATMs are located at Sarratt Student Center, Hill Student Center, Music Rehearsal Hall(drive-thru), Branscomb Quadrangle, The Vanderbilt Clinic and Medical Center North. Sun Trust and Regions have full service branches within walking distance of campus.

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