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Peter N. Pintauro

H. Eugene McBrayer Chair of Chemical Engineering


In the Pintauro group, we use nanofiber electrospinning techniques to fabricate membranes and electrodes for electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices. Cation and anion exchange membranes, for hydrogen/air and alkaline fuel cells, electrodialysis separations, and redox flow batteries, are produced by electrospinning one or more polymer nanofibers and then processing the resulting mat into a dense and defect-free composite membrane. In some cases, the electrospun fibers are blends of two or more polymers. We also electrospin polymer/particle mixtures to create nanofiber electrode mats for fuel cells and batteries, where such electrodes exhibit excellent short-term and long-term performance.


• Fellow, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2014
• Fellow, the Electrochemical Society, 2010
• Inaugural H. Eugene McBrayer Professor of Chemical engineering, 2009
• Kent Hale Smith Professor of Engineering (Case Western Reserve University), 2004
• Outstanding Engineering Faculty Research Award, Tulane University, 2001