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Student Organizations

In line with our mission to create a cohesive innovation ecosystem, the Wond’ry supports a number of student initiatives and organizations on Vanderbilt’s campus.

The Wond’ry provides groups with space to hold meetings and events, mentorship in a wide number of fields, educational and project resources,

and connection and collaboration opportunities, and financial sponsorship. The Wond’ry has been proud to work with:

Ace Design

Ace design is a student organization that provides free graphic design service for students, organizations, faculty, and departments marketing on Vanderbilt’s campus. They have partnered with the Wond’ry in a number of design initiatives.

Change ++

This undergraduate group completes computer programming projects for non-profit partners.  The Wond’ry partners with Change++ on such various social innovation projects and provides event space for the group’s hackathons and workshops.

Design for America

This student group connects other student organizations to work on social innovation projects that incorporate design-thinking principles.  The group holds regular meetings and workshops at the Wond’ry.

SPEAR (Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility)

This student group supports green initiatives on campus, including the Vanderbilt University Community Garden.  The Wond’ry provides event space for SPEAR “Green-a-thon” design events and design support for SPEAR outreach planning.

S Phase Bio Fund

This graduate-level student group focuses on investing in emerging biotechnology and hosts meetings and meetups at the Wond’ry to connect people interested in biomedical innovation.

TOM (Tikkun Olam Makers)

This student group pairs client Need-Knowers (people with life-affecting medical concerns) with student Makers (students with skills and initiative to workshop and prototype ideas)—to create a customized, assistive technology that addresses the client’s need.  TOM hosts makeathon-style weekend design sprints as well as longer-term projects.  


This group of undergraduates hosts an annual 36-hour hackathon event at the Wond’ry in which participants design, prototype, and build a coding project over a single weekend.

Vandy Vanity

This undergraduate group makes use of the Wond’ry’s Fiber Arts Build Lab to create incredible garments, promoting sustainable fashion and hosting fashion shows at the Wond’ry.

VINES (Vanderbilt Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society

This undergraduate-led group connects students on campus interested in entrepreneurship, with weekly meetings at the Wond’ry during the academic semester as well as an annual startup conference called 48-Hour Launch held at the Wond’ry.

VUARC (Vanderbilt University Amateur Radio Club)

This student group can often be found on Fridays in the Wond’ry’s Electrical Lab Makerspace, teaching the basics of soldering and electronics design to interested students.