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Quantum Design Studio

Check back here for future openings for this Wond’ry Quantum Course!

Quantum computing, as a domain, is currently experiencing a breakthrough as it is becoming applicable in sectors such as chemistry, finance, machine learning et al. Although the quantum industry keeps growing faster daily, there is a shortage of quantum talent in the world. Thus, the Wond’ry seeks to address this shortage problem by launching its own quantum course throughout 2022-23.


The Wond’ry Quantum course will be an eight-month program, divided into three course cycles and one industrial-based learning cycle:

  • October to November 2022
  • November to December 2022
  • January to February 2023
  • March to April 2023 (industry-based learning cycle)

Application Process

Applications for the course are currently closed. 


The workload for this program is expected to be a maximum of 8 hours a week (this includes class time) which is equivalent to taking a 3-credit hour computer science course. 

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The course will serve as a platform for developing quantum talent so participants can secure internships/job opportunities in the quantum computing industry. Over the course of the program, participants will gain knowledge about quantum computing, and how to apply it in the real world. Upon completion of the program, you will attain enough technical fluency required to communicate with experts in the quantum industry, while being able to provide quantum solutions to real world problems. Participants in our course will also get the chance to network and learn from quantum experts representing leading companies.

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IBM Quantum Developer Certification Preparatory Guide

Want to get certified as a quantum developer by IBM? Visit the two pages below to go through our preparatory guide for acing the IBM Certified Associate Developer – Quantum Computation using Qiskit v0.2X Exam.

View the Guide here. 


Contact, Mubarak Ganiyu, Studio Lead, with any program-specific inquiries at