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Have you already completed the Wond’ry’s Ideator & Builder Programs?

Have you found product-market fit for your idea and started a new venture?

The Wond’ry team is here to help as you navigate being a new founder.

About the Program

Founder provides ongoing resources, connections, mentorship, and funding opportunities for entrepreneurs (faculty, staff, and students) that have completed in-depth customer discovery, found both product-solution fit and product market fit, and launched a for-profit or non-profit venture. We want to see you and your venture succeed, attract customers or clients, hire employees, and contribute to the growth and climate of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Founder Program and the Wond’ry do not take equity in the companies we support.


The Founder Program is a year-long support program for newly founded ventures and their founding team.


Founders accepted into the program will be assigned a primary mentor that sticks with them through thick and thin throughout the duration of the program. An array of in-kind services will be provided, as well as connections to resources and potential funders, pitch competition identification and support, grant support, and much more.


Applicants should have completed the Wond’ry’s Ideator and Builder Programs or have clear evidence to show PMF has been found and an entity has been established that is ready to grow and succeed. This is a high touch program that is limited to a small number of founders each year.


Applications for this new opportunity will open in Spring 2021 for the 2021-22 cohort.

Application Deadline: to be announced in April 2021

Apply Here