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Tamara Baynham

Founder, Ingenuity Medical Device Research

Dr. Baynham has over 20 years of medical device experience in R&D, intellectual property development, preclinical and clinical research, including with positions at Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, and Nevro. She also founded Ingenuity Medical Device Research, LLC in 2013 providing intellectual property development, pre-clinical and clinical study development, and medical writing services. Her clinical research experience encompasses Phase 1 (feasibility) to Phase 4 (post-market) studies in cardiovascular (post-MI, angina, and heart failure), cardiovascular & metabolism (pharmaceuticals), and neuromodulation (Vagal nerve stimulation for obesity, transcutaneous Sacral neuromodulation for overactive bladder, transcutaneous peripheral stimulation for obesity, spinal cord stimulation for pain). Tamara is also a patent agent registered to practice at the United States Patent and Trade Organization (USPTO). Tamara currently holds over 40 patents granted by the USPTO in the areas of electrical stimulation and neuromodulation therapies. Dr. Baynham earned her undergraduate degree in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering at Vanderbilt University and her MS and PhD in Biomedical Engineering at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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