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Scott Wilker

Co-founder & CEO, Sonic Blocks, Inc.

Meet Scott Wilker: A visionary entrepreneur, innovator, and resolute advocate
for positive change. As the co-founder and co-inventor of Sonic Blocks, Inc., a
pioneering benefits corporation, Scott’s passion lies at the intersection of cutting-edge technology, MedTech, and social impact.

At the heart of Sonic Blocks is a disruptive multi-patented technology that revolutionizes both the MedTech and Consumer Electronics landscapes. Scott, alongside his son Jordan, spearheaded the development of modular smart speaker systems to harness the power of real-world patient data acquisition, advanced voice controls, voice signature analysis, and decentralized authentication.Empowering patients with control over their data, Sonic Blocks is more than a technology—it’s a game-changer for healthcare.

Beyond innovation, Scott’s commitment to social responsibility shines through Sonic Blocks’ public benefit initiatives. The company’s mission extends to supporting global charities dedicated to the well-being of children, particularly those ensnared in the legal system due to abuse or neglect. By donating a portion of profits, time, and resources, Sonic Blocks’ success contributes to a brighter future for these vulnerable young lives.

Scott’s entrepreneurial vision has had a long-term impact. For the past four years, he’s played a pivotal role in the United States Postal Service’s Emerging Technology group. As a driving force, Scott identifies and cultivates partnerships with startups, universities, and accelerators, leveraging cutting-edge technology such as computer vision and artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of a massive organization with a global footprint.

Prior to these ventures, Scott co-founded an FDA-approved Intelligent Apparel (“Smartwear”)
Product Company in collaboration with the former CEO of Ferrari. This innovative endeavor, rooted in Luxembourg, fused Scott’s expertise in apparel with groundbreaking inventions involving conductive inks. These inks seamlessly integrated printed sensors into clothing, enabling a myriad of medical, athletic, and entertainment-based applications, propelling growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape.

Scott’s career journey includes a remarkable tenure with Bertelsmann AG, where he thrived and was recognized as an Intrapreneur. From launching Ten-Strike Home Entertainment to pioneering new revenue streams and business opportunities, Scott’s impact reverberated across a €17 billion company, significantly shaping the media industry. His expertise extended to teaching, as well as prestigious training at Insead Business School in France and negotiation education from Harvard Concepts.

Beyond his professional achievements, Scott’s personal life reflects his zest for life and exploration. With a loving wife of 34 years, Amy, and two extraordinary children, Samantha and Jordan, Scott finds joy in shared experiences. In Scott Wilker, innovation, social responsibility, and a genuine love for life converge, leaving an indelible mark on the world of technology, healthcare, and beyond.

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