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Ryan Mays

VP of Finance, Forever Oceans

I am originally from San Antonio, Texas. I graduated from the engineering school at Vanderbilt in 2013. Both of my parents graduated from Vanderbilt, and 4 of my 5 younger siblings have attended or are currently attending Vanderbilt (the 5th is still in high school, so we could have a clean sweep!)

After college, I did a couple of years of consulting for a firm called Kalypso for a couple of years before attending business school at the University of Chicago. After business school, I lived in New York for a year and a half with my wife working as an investment banker. From there, I transitioned to my current role as the Vice President of Finance at Forever Oceans, a startup working on technology-enabled sustainable aquaculture.

I work remotely in my hometown of San Antonio with my wife and 18 month old son. Before the pandemic, I spent a lot of time traveling to our farm sites in Panama and Indonesia and investor hubs like San Francisco and New York.

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