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Robert Ritchie

Partnership Associate, Cadence Solutions Inc.

Robert is a builder currently focused on increasing access to high-quality, proactive healthcare. As a team member at Cadence, he is working on developing their health systems partnerships with the goal of expanding the reach of their remote monitoring and virtual care solution. The solution, Remote Patient Intervention, has been proven to drastically improve the well-being of patients and create little to no additional work for clinicians, all while establishing an adaptable infrastructure for each health system that is capable of efficiently supporting many different digital health programs.

Improving healthcare technology is part of a broader mission for Robert. Starting with his studies at Vanderbilt, he developed a passion for sustainable infrastructure and urban design realizing that there are many areas where we fall short today. He is excited to be a part of a team like Cadence where he can study this topic, looking for ways that we can make it better.

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