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Nathan Gonzalez

SVP of Software Development, Ncontracts

Nathan Gonzalez is a respected technology leader and mentor in Nashville with over 15 years of experience in engineering team building and software product delivery.As SVP of Development at Ncontracts, Nathan has grown the R&D group from 0 to over 100 members. He successfully integrated 6 acquired companies into Ncontracts’ cloud platform and launched 4 new SaaS products. Previously, Nathan consulted for startups, was CTO of a healthcare startup, and spent 5.5 years instructing nearly 250 aspiring developers in .NET and C# technologies at Nashville Software School. With expertise in microservices, event streaming, and artificial intelligence, he develops scalable and resilient systems. Beyond his technical achievements, Nathan leads transparently and advocates for his teams. He promotes positivity to empower people and communicates complex topics clearly and effectively.

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