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Misha Bleymaier-Farrish

Founder, GSD Factor & Etymology Consulting

Author, entrepreneur, speaker, strategic consultant, wife, and mother, Misha Bleymaier-Farrish wears many hats.

She is the founder and author of The GSD Factor where she is committed to sharing her passion and life motto of “GSD – Get sh*t done” with readers, podcast listeners, and clients. The GSD Factor Life consists of six attributes that, when activated, ignite a transformation in professional and personal lives to help others achieve the success they’ve been aspiring to.

She is also the founder of Etymology Consulting, where she and her team partner with clients to identify, innovate, and implement strategic changes throughout their organizations to advance their growth and opportunities.

Misha is passionate about being an advocate for the under-voiced, mentoring the next generation of business leaders across all industries, and empowering those who need professional direction and clarity.


  • Leadership
  • Technology
  • Strategy
  • Career progression
  • Personal development
  • Defining and achieving your goals
  • Igniting your transformation

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