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Mark Mobley

Head of Product, Mark Two Ventures

Mark is a strategy-minded product professional with a passion for solving problems, building teams, and driving change. He brings a decade of experience in building and scaling innovative technology products across various industries. A skilled strategist and communicator, he excels at identifying opportunities and leading teams to create groundbreaking solutions.

His first product experience came from founding Lodge & Charter, a SaaS-enabled marketplace serving the outdoor adventure industry. He has since honed his product expertise across large enterprises and other startups with great success.

It is the experience with his first failed venture that serves as his everyday motivation to partner with MKII founders. He strongly believes that if he had been able to work with Mark II Ventures when building Lodge & Charter, the chances of success would have increased exponentially. He is grateful for the opportunity to empower entrepreneurs to solve real problems, create great products, and build successful businesses.

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