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Manny Barriger

CTO, Rent-A-Blackbelt

Manny Barriger has been involved with some of the world’s best companies and brings a pedigree that has been defined by exceptional results and achievements. He has played a pivotal role in helping companies achieve a higher understanding and delivery of World Class Performance. This has been accomplished through benchmark breakthroughs in design and team deliveries.

Prior to creating and launching Rent-A-Blackbelt corporation, he had been part of several major well-known teams in the world of problem-solving. Including Six Sigma Management Institute, and Booz Allen Hamilton on the leadership board in Lean Six Sigma for the corporation worldwide. Currently, he is the only Certified Master Blackbelt in the world to have been trained by both Dr. Mikel Harry and Forrest Breyfogle.

His background brings over thirty years of solid engineering and management experience within key industries throughout North America. He is best known for his problem-solving ability and mathematical modeling skills in creative solutions. He has been featured in many well-known publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times of London. Recently he co-authored the book ‘Profit through Change – What’s Next” which has achieved a top 100 position on endorsed by congress and the NFL.

Many times, companies find themselves in a position of recognizing a problem that is impacting their future, they reach out to their team and the dialogue begins with “What is the cost of a defect?” The question is an open-ended beginning for a journey of discovery. It is Manny’s curiosity that drives his passion for finding answers to highly complex problems. This combination led him to Co-Found Profit Through Change corporation with Mr. Karl Eberle retired Global Vice President of Harley Davidson Motor Company.

Manny resides in Western Michigan and holds an American Board of Engineering and Technology Mechanical Engineering degree, Masters in Engineering Management from Vanderbilt in 2022 including MBA work in Finance from the University of Chicago.

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