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Libby Monette

Marketing Manager, AccuReg

Areas of Expertise: Fundraising, Healthcare, Marketing, Networking, Presentation

I’m a sniper solutionist with a blazing right brain who can change lanes and tires and seats on the bus as road conditions require.  Growing up, I spent summers baling hay on a family farm in west Alabama, a fahrenheit notch north of Hades. A flat field of stubbed stalks and a stacked shed remain my most enduring equation to the satisfaction of a job well done, whereby a productive outcome was determined by the click-and-whirr alignment of so many moving parts: teamwork, timing, process, operational equipment, unpredictable conditions beyond control – all essential elements early-baked into my ethos.

Entrepreneurship and experience across decades and diverse industries have shown me success comes from placing relationships above transactions. I’ve been fortunate in professional pursuits to be mentored by empowering leaders and exposed to situations whereby my instruments and instincts continue to evolve.

I look forward to helping equip and develop the creative strengths in our Wond’ry innovators.

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Q.  What excites you most about the Wond’ry?

A. The snap-crackling alchemic power of creativity, innovation and entrepreneuria.

Q.  What do you feel are the most important skills you have to offer in your role as a mentor?


Full-immersion project leadership and all-in support
 I’ll shimmy up and down the chain of assignments as needed to pull levers, drive momentum, and help students define for themselves and their businesses what it takes to pursue exceptional, sustainable results.

Unconventional perspective

As a tenured tour guide on the road less travelled, I hope to shake a sickle toward stimulating new, off the beaten (neural) pathways.

Comprehensive marketing consideration

My diverse, multi-market sensitivity can help entrepreneurs pivot to a forward-facing stance and consider market behaviors, drivers, signals and truths to fine-tune their solutions for customer advocacy.

Expert Advisory Network

We are fortunate to have access to a supportive, generous business community in Nashville.  Helping entrepreneurs cultivate connections, develop their tribe and understand the importance of leading with trustworth and value to others is a lifelong code of conduct with immeasurable benefit and return to all.

Q.  What has been your proudest moment in your career?

A. Generally, those “YES!!” moments come when critical conditions call for instruments over instincts – or vice versa – and we nail the landing.
Deliverably speaking?  Cracking the tough nut that had been a previously insurmountable barrier to entry and ultimately earning the long-term bid award through tireless and attentive pursuit.

Q. What has surprised you most about your job?

A. Bottomless enthusiasm remains, after many years. Although it’s a lot of work, it doesn’t feel like a job.

Q. If you could do everything over again, would you make the same career choices?

A. Unequivocally, no.

Q. In your opinion, what is the most important quality for success?

A. Fortitude to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

Q. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A. Stunt(wo)man