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Jonn Kim

Jonn Kim

CEO & CTO of Geeks and Nerds

“Innovate with Purpose” is a motto for a lifelong innovator, Dr. Jonn Kim who has served in many active roles in technical entrepreneurship including research,
prototyping, development, engineering, program management, and corporate leadership. Dr. Kim began his career in the space program for NASA, and his career
migrated to commercial, and later into the national security programs.
As an entrepreneur, he initiated and is actively promoting “Holistic Entrepreneurship”, an idea that corporate stakeholders strive for mutual benefits and quality of life for the community members. In addition to serving as the CEO and Chairman for Geeks and
Nerds, he spreads the messages for importance of STEM for the humanity’s quality of life. He serves as an industry advisor to Vanderbilt University, University of Alabama Huntsville, and Center for Quantum Networks. He is actively engaged in the community through activism and nonprofit organizations promoting selfsufficiency and quality of life.
His innovative leadership and entrepreneurship have been recognized and awarded by INC 5000, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Pan Pacific Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineering, North Alabama Chamber of Commerce, and other numerous organizations. He holds 3 patents and is a senior member of IEEE. Dr. Kim received PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt University, and MS/BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from
University of Alabama Huntsville.
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