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Jon Vlassopulos

Managing Partner and Funder, A-Force Ventures

Jon is the Managing Partner and founder of A-Force Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm focused on investing in market defining consumer technology companies led by female and co-ed teams.

He is a recognized technology, media, advertising, metaverse and telco thought leader with 25 years of global experience in the UK, Asia and the U.S having held executive roles at companies like AT&T Wireless, Endemol, Bertelsmann, BMG, Roblox, and most recently Napster. In his corporate roles, he has a proven track record of turning companies around, managing end to end M&A processes, helping companies launch new divisions, grow into new business areas, create new revenue streams and establish market leadership positions. He brings this expertise to his start up founders as they scale their companies.

Fascinated by people and what people want, need or don’t know they need yet, he has had the privilege of investing in some truly groundbreaking startups over the last decade. Jon lives in Nashville with his wife, 2 kids and a mini sheepadoodle named Cali.

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