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Jan Schlueter

COO, Darvis

Jan Schlueter is a marketing visionary with decades of foundership experience. Jan began his career by founding Germany’s leading YouTube creative agency, Mediakraft Networks, which amassed 18,000,000 unique monthly viewers. His vision for talent acquisition propelled his career forward.

Now, Jan is the Co-Founder and COO of DARVIS, Inc. A machine learning start-up that focuses on bringing ultimate visibility to organizations across healthcare, supply chain, theft mitigation, and threat mitigation. His vision is revolutionizing the tech space, and he’s a major proponent for turning Nashville into the next major tech hub!

When Jan is not grinding at work, he prefers to hang out with his family, dog, and horse while cooking exceptional vegan meals. Additionally, you might find him listening to German Techno at all hours of the day and night; it keeps him going! He can’t wait to mentor you!

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