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Gordon Rogers

Technology Executive

Gordon has a breadth of experience in all facets of business, from manufacturing, to sales, to corporate affairs.  His career spans a range of companies from pure start-ups to major multinationals.  With several years in international executive assignments, he has experience with diverse cultures and business philosophies.  His proven leadership in promoting rapid growth, directing mergers, acquisitions and consolidations, and streamlining operations steers companies to the next stage of their success.

With deep contacts in banking, accounting and legal, Gordon has a strong network to initiate and manage a robust M&A process.

  • Successfully led the sale of a 150+ year old family-owned business to the multi-billion dollar industry leader.
  • Established and led a multi-functional task force to integrate a European merger resulting in the consolidation from 14 to 8 legal entities and offices in 7 countries, redefining a $130 million organization.
  • Worked with banks to restructure various credit facilities for stressed and distressed organizations.
  • Raised $40+ million through equity, debt and convertible debt for private and public companies.

Gordon knows the value of focused efforts to drive growth, while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

  • Significantly reduced operating expenses and achieved profit breakeven in an emerging therapy company while fostering significant top line growth in a highly challenging economy.
  • Dramatically increased sales and market presence leading the America’s for a Japanese Medical Technology firm.Greatly increased operating efficiencies and lowered costs by shortening of the supply chain, upgrading suppliers and multiple sourcing for a manufacturing company.Reduced in staffing by outsourcing non-core functions at a lower cost and higher productivity.

Gordon has developed and executed effective business strategies and operating plans for emerging growth companies.

  • Developed product, implemented regulatory strategy, marketing plans and launched product into over 1,500 locations as CEO of OTC Ear Infection Therapy Company.
  • Implemented new strategic direction and realized significant top line growth while entering new lucrative markets as President of Sports Therapy Company.

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