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Frank Grant

CEO, Grant Ventures

With a 35+ year career, I have had a long history of creating and growing businesses in a variety of health care and technology industries. Throughout my career, I have shown the strategic thinking, creativity, innovation, and desire to help companies achieve and surpass their business goals.

Currently, I serve as the CEO of Grant Ventures.  In this role, I lead two separate businesses – real estate development and strategic and growth consulting.  We have built more than 80 houses in the last six years, with 13 currently under construction.  The consulting portion has focused on small and midsize businesses in defining their business strategies to achieve their growth goals. My unique value proposition is the ability to apply processes and techniques learned from working for large, successful companies to smaller clients — without adding layers of bureaucracy or sacrificing agility.

Prior to this role, I was the President and CEO of Amplion Clinical Communications.  I understood Amplion’s issues and challenges and put together an overall strategy to address the cultural, process, and operational challenges of moving from a startup to a structured, growing company.  I put in place a defined organizational structure with a new management team and a new philosophy of transparency and accountability.  This led to improved employee morale, greater customer satisfaction, and higher company performance.  Previously, I was Amplion’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, where I oversaw the company’s sales, business development, and marketing efforts. Prior to joining Amplion , I was the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Adreima, a Phoenix, AZ based privately-held company, providing revenue cycle and reimbursement services to U.S. hospitals. While at Adreima, I led the company’s expansion efforts into 16 states while reorganizing the entire sales and marketing approach.

I spent more than eleven years at Cisco Systems, holding various leadership roles among multiple departments including operations and sales, and, lastly, as Executive Director of North American Healthcare. In this position, my responsibilities included all strategy, and customer business requirements for the healthcare vertical with particular emphasis on sales, channels, strategic alliances, training, and services. In this role, I helped grow the healthcare revenue from $550 million to $2 billion in four years, while increasing Cisco’s profile and relevancy in the healthcare community.

Additionally, I had successful careers at IBM, SunTrust, and Hitachi Data Systems.

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