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Eric Sullivan

Wond'ry Master Mentor: Co Founder and Principal of PCG Equity, and CEO of Quantum Technology

Eric Sullivan has been involved in all aspects of growing startups for decades. He has formed, advised, invested in and served on the Boards of companies in a wide range of industries. Eric is the Co-founder and Principal of PCG Equity, and CEO of Quantum Technology. His work with startups in many different business sectors allows him to draw on his broad experience to help startups make great strategic decisions at key points in their growth. His early career as an investment banker and co-founder of a successful investment firm provides additional perspective on valuing companies and negotiating deals. The industries for which he currently sits on Boards include semiconductors, biotech, AI, commodity trading, online news, e-Bikes, climate action app and tequila. Most of the startups he is involved with have social and environmental goals, as well as ambitious business aspirations. Eric also sits on a number of civic and charitable Boards.

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