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Elizabeth Cambridge

Business Consultant, InfoWorks

“It would be better if everyone worked together as a system, with the aim for everybody to win.” – W. Edwards Deming

Elizabeth’s strength is her ability to quickly and precisely cut through the chaos by identifying solutions and empowering teams to clear a path forward by efficiently operationalizing processes and instituting best practices for growth and sustainability.

Understanding how to run your business starts with understanding how the work is done. Sooner or later, as the founder, you will find yourself in a spot doing all the work yourself  because you cannot or don’t know how to delegate. You have now created a business that runs you instead of a business that you are running.

This is why Operations is so important to the sustainability, growth and scalability of a business.

As business and IT consultant, Elizabeth has been guiding startups and entrepreneurs from concept to execution and evolution to growth for over 18 years, including her own businesses. Through mentorship, coaching and consulting, Elizabeth helps entrepreneurs demystify operations, embrace delegation, and uncouple from the emotional attachment of “their” idea and see their business for what it truly is, a force for good in the world.

Understanding a problem and trying to solve it is only half the battle. Creating a cohesive system with checks and balances to deliver on that promise requires executive level planning, delegating authority, empowering employees and allowing for continual improvement.

Elizabeth’s expertise is in entrepreneurship, software development, business operations, product design & development, ecommerce, project management and process development.

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