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Carlos Ortiz Pérez

Global Sustainability Manager, Volcafe

I´m a strong believer that our goal in life is to leave this world a bit better than we found it. Be it actively doing something to improve the environment or helping the less fortunate people to grow and develop, we came here to serve, not to be served; this doesn´t mean that we shouldn´t have a blast at our job, we must also enjoy what we do.  I´ve been privileged to study at one of the best agronomy/sustainable agriculture Universities in the world, living with people from 24 different nationalities and realities; I´ve worked in coffee for 13 years and have been able to visit and actively work in 10 different coffee origins, as well as visited and supported both small and large coffee roasters in the world´s major cities. My main motivation in the industry has been to integrate Sustainability into the core operations of the business, while helping coffee families to improve their livelihoods and my team to grow personally and professionally.  My ambition is to create a global consciousness across the sector that Sustainability isn’t a destination but a way of doing business.

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