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Caitlin Moon

Founding Co-Director of VAILL, the Vanderbilt AI + Law Lab

I live in the open-mindedness of not knowing enough about anything.
– Mary Oliver

As both a lifelong learner and a teacher, I empower law students to enter the practice of law with the skills and characteristics needed to thrive and lead change to make our profession better, and, most importantly, to #MakeLawBetter.

I also co-founded and co-direct VAILL, the Vanderbilt AI + Law Lab, where our team works at the intersection of AI, legal education, legal practice, and access to justice.

I also do all of this work with practicing legal professionals in workshops ( at Vanderbilt and via 1:1 coaching.

As co-creator of the Delta Model for lawyer competency, I conduct research to understand the skills and characteristics that lawyers need to thrive as both humans and legal professionals in the 21st century. And, I operationalize these learnings into tools and processes we can use to make the legal profession and our systems of justice better for all stakeholders.

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