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Bruce Graham

Venture Capitalist | Founder

Bruce Graham has been a Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist, co-founder, and angel investor since 1991. Over the past twenty-five years he has focused on projects in materials, components, systems, software applied to enterprise, communications and energy applications.

Over his 30-year Silicon Valley VC career, Bruce has been involved (as investor and/or cofounder) in ~50 early stage projects with a cash-on-cash returns to-date of ~3x and IRR ~60%, including 22 positive exits to date. About half of Bruce’s VC investments were made when he was with Bessemer Venture Partners 1996-2000. Bruce was in the VC business with Vertex (1991-96), the VC affiliate of Singapore Technologies, and Infinity Capital (2001-08), and New Venture Partners (the former Bell Labs commercialization team, 2009-13), advised Lockheed Martin on technology spinoffs (2008-2015) as well a role as senior advisor to the SK Telecom Innopartners startup incubator (2014-17) in Sunnyvale. Currently Bruce is an advisor to BlueSky Capital, a mentor with the Alchemist Accelerator as well as a variety of other roles (Board, advisory) working with startups.

Approximately half of Bruce’s early-stage, high-risk investment projects have generated positive returns to-date. Notable projects (exits) include: Lightlogic (INTC), Quantum Effect Devices (QEDI –> PMCS), SCM Microsystems (SCMM → INVE), Proxim (PROX –>Terabeam), Resonext (RFMD), Obsidian (AMAT), Smart Machines (BRKS), Premisys Communication (PRMS –> Zhone), Coral Systems (LTBG), Morphics (IFX), Newport Communication, (BRCM), Genoa (FNSR), Worldtalk (WTLK –> TMWD), QuickLogic (QUIK), QuickTurn (QKTN –> CDNS), Flarion (QCOM), Element-14 (BRCM), Stream Machines (CRUS), Paxera (NPTN), NetEffect (INTC), Barfly (TouchTunes), Summit Micro (QCOM), Fulcrum Micro (INTC), UpGuard, Otosense (ADI), Pavilion Data Systems, CelLink (, Perceptive (, LatentAI (, SkyCool (

In the 1980’s, Bruce held operational and management positions at Intel Corporation and Siemens AG in Silicon Valley, Germany and Asia Pac.

Bruce holds a BS from Princeton University, magna cum laude, in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from Stanford University. Bruce enjoys soccer league, and long swims.

To meet with Bruce, email