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Amulya Dhulipala

Instructor, Sustainability, National University of Singapore

Amulya Dhulipala is an Instructor of the Liveable Cities course at the National University of Singapore, where she got her Master of Science in Integrated Sustainable Design. She is interested in the research and practice of embedding sustainability, livability, affordability, and inclusivity into our urban environments. Her undergraduate experience at the University of Florida’s Innovation Academy where she studied Political Science, Sustainability and the Built Environment, and Innovation led her to grow a passion for systems thinking and interdisciplinary solutions, which she hopes to apply to the urban and building scales of the city. Her passion for innovation led her to pursue creative efforts around mitigating climate change— including authoring and illustrating a children’s book on climate change, assisting the production of a sustainable design podcast, mobilizing campaign and nonprofit initiatives targeting sustainable policymaking, and conducting environment-focused data science projects. All of her diverse experiences are centered around one issue: climate change. Through this experience, she hopes to mentor and work with people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to bolster impactful social innovation that is tailored to the needs of our communities and our planet.

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