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Adam Spector

Head of Product, AbstractOps

Founding team @AbstractOps! We are an operations platform for businesses to outsource their operations to a trusted third party. Back-end operations distract and reduce time to success. AbstractOps allows our customers to focus on what matters the most – products and the customers who love them.

In previous lives, I’ve been a product leader, CEO, company founder, and operations do-it-all so that the engineering team can focus.

I enjoy building great teams, processes (internal and vendor management), and stories that unify a company around a shared mission for success. Helping others build successful businesses brings me joy.

People describe me as energetic, positive, creative, and optimistic. I enjoy rational, logical, data driven debate built on mutual trust and respect. I’m not an engineer but people view me as “technical” and have built companies with the brightest PhDs to brilliant engineers without “formal” degrees.

Honesty, trust, fun, a sense of urgency and mission are what I look for in colleagues and places I work. Passion about my product, my company and my team is what drives me. I work hard and enjoy being surrounded by people who do the same.

Leave the world (and your business) better than when you arrived.

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