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Aaron Yusef Johnson

Director of Operations, Missions Development Intl.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Aaron Yusef Johnson can be found helping people build things all over the city of Nashville while listening to audiobooks in-between meetings. He is a Chicago/Nashville hybrid who has the mind of a city-boy with the heart of a hospitable southerner. With over 10,000 hours in the field as a boutique strategy and brand consultant, he is called on to work in specific projects ranging from hi-level governmental to beginning non-profits primarily in Nashville and Chicago. With diverse backgrounds in ministry, expression, and business, he brings diversity and depth contextualized for non-profits and for-profits in the marketplace. As an entrepreneur-equipper, he currently teaches workshops, a frequent Nashville conference speaker, and a proud graduate of 2 entrepreneurship programs at the Nashville Entrepreneurship Center.

As an active board member for several non-profits and pro-bono consultant to them as well, he loves people with deep causes and solutions to humanities problems. He is heavily involved in strengthening police relationships in the African-American community of Nashville, and plans major initiatives with non-profit entities throughout the city of Nashville. He also can be found teaching free classes on social media and marketing at the TSU Business School at the Avon Williams Downtown Campus on a monthly basis. He has solved a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute, exhibits exotic animals, enjoys weightlifting, and outdoor hiking on the trails of Tennessee. He also enjoys public speaking, ethnic reconciliation, identity architecture, modernist cuisine, and pastoral ministry. Aaron is currently Director of Operations of a local consulting firm who has 35+ consults, with 300 clients, impacting and reaching 26 different countries. He is now focusing on a Ph.D in Urban Innovative Leadership.

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