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Aaron Wierenga

Senior Product Designer, Iron Mountain

Areas of expertise: Product design, industrial design, UX (user experience) UI (user interface), and emerging technology

Aaron is a designer and strategist for both physical (Industrial Design) and digital products (UI/UX). He currently leads the e-Commerce and digital product and marketing design team at Iron Mountain. His experience ranges from early discovery work, to development-ready designs and requirements.

With a degree in Industrial Design from Auburn University, and 16+ years of experience bringing products to market, Aaron is familiar with the steps necessary to evaluate and move a concept forward using design methodology. Whether it is a 3D printed, bio-mimicking, connected device (IoT), or an AI enabled system, he’s always curious to hypothesize, test, learn, and connect dots between emerging technologies in order to create meaningful, relevant, and novel concepts for a project.

Aaron and his wife, Rachel, grew up and met one another in Huntsville, AL and attended college together. After college they moved to San Francisco, where Aaron spent his first 4 years as a professional designer. He has 2 daughters and raises urban chickens. Rachel is the Assistant Dean of Development for the College of Arts and Science for Vanderbilt University.

His experience ranges from framing, facilitating, and synthesizing customer interviews and turning the results into actionable strategies and designs to build tool-ready 3D models for mass production, or dev-ready wireframes and prototypes for deployment.

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