MakerSpace Equipment

Impulse Sealer

Equipment that can be used to create water-tight seals on TPU Nylon fabric and similar materials

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Shear Press, Brake and Slip Roll

Used to bend, cut, curve, etc. sheet metal


StrataSys 3D Printers

Prints out modeled parts designs from STL files

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Photo Booth

Can be set up to take pictures of student projects at various stages

Sewing Machine

Industrial grade sewing machine capable of sewing through tough materials

Drill Press

Makes holes through all types of wood and some thin sheets of metal

Power Drills

Hand drills which can also be used for securing and undoing screws

AC/DC Power Supplies

Energy sources for DC voltages and currents


Observe waveforms created by electrical signals

Soldering Iron

For basic solder work

Function Generators

Generates common electrical waveforms over a range of frequencies

Helping Arms

Facilitates work with small components. E.g. mini circuit boards

Heat Gun

Provides heat for warming thermoplastics, activating adhesives, shrinking heat sensitive tubing, etc

Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Can be used to cut out shapes from foam

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Used for cutting wood and plastic

Electronics Kits

Contain commonly used circuit building components and measuring instruments

Equipment is Vinyl Cutter in makerspace

Vinyl Cutter

Used for cutting the selection of vinyls provided in the makerspace

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Image of pressure chamber equipment in makerspace

Pressure Chamber

Equipment used to push air bubble out of different materials. This allows users to create high quality prototypes.

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Vacuum former equipment at wondry makerspace

Vacuum Former

Equipment used for making molds and forms out of thick, durable thermoplastics

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vacuum chamber

Vacuum Chamber

Used for the first stage of removing air out of a material, prior to using the pressure chamber.

Hand Tools

Spanners, Screw Drivers, Tape Measure, Clamps, etc.