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Become a Mentor

Wond'ry Exterior in Autumn

Wond’ry Mentors are a network of entrepreneurs, business people and forward thinkers eager to share their experience and insights with Vanderbilt students.  Through the one-on-one, personalized guidance of a Mentor, students gain access to years of expertise in the fields they hope to enter.  Both students and Mentors can make meaningful connections that lead to independent entrepreneurial and creative endeavors.

The Wond’ry accepts and encourages Mentors from all disciplines, industries, and fields of study.  The needs of Vanderbilt’s talented student body are extremely varied, and call for expertise across a wide range of fields.

Key features for Mentors

  • You have experienced success in your career
  • You are able to commit time and energy to sharing your experiences with the Vanderbilt community
  • You are comfortable sharing both the successes and failures of your entrepreneurial journey

If Mentorship sounds right for you, email the Wond’ry for information on how to apply!