Become a Mentor


Wond’ry Mentors are a network of entrepreneurs, business people and forward thinkers eager to share their experience and insights with Vanderbilt students. The Wond’ry will host informal, weekly lectures featuring our Mentors that are open to all students, faculty and staff.

Many of our Mentors hold open office hours at the Wond’ry so that students can receive one-on-one personalized guidance and gain access to years of expertise in the fields they hope to enter. This is one of many Wond’ry programs designed to increase learning outside of the classroom and to encourage the pursuit of meaningful connections that lead to independent entrepreneurial and creative endeavors.


You’ve had a success in your career. 

You are willing to share your experiences with the Vanderbilt entrepreneur community. 

You feel comfortable sharing the success and failures of your entrepreneurial journey.