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Enabling Two Factor Authentication through Duo Mobile

As of April 13th 2020, all students, faculty, staff, TAs, and postdoctoral researchers will be required to use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) as an additional security measure for logging into Brightspace as well as several additional Vanderbilt accounts. This will change the way you log into Brightspace. First, you will need the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device. Then, every time you log into Brightspace from any device, you will need to confirm on the Duo app on your phone or tablet that you are logging into Brightspace.

This guide will help users navigate the setup process for Duo Mobile, our Two Factor Authentication provider, and enable push notifications. For questions about Duo Mobile or if you encounter any difficulties, you can reach the IT department at 615-343-9999 or by submitting a ticket at


Enabling Duo Mobile for your Vanderbilt Accounts

1. Download the Duo Mobile app to your mobile device. The Duo app for iOS can be found here and the app for Android devices can be found here.

2. On your mobile device, navigate to the IT enrollment page for Duo found here. You will be asked to sign in using SSO. This will use the same username and password you use to log into Brightspace.

3. Select the Start Setup button to begin setting up Duo mobile

4. When asked “What type of device are you adding?” select the radio button next to Mobile Phone or Tablet. Click Continue.

5. Select your country and enter your mobile phone number, including area code, in the box. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm that the phone number is correct. Select the checkbox to confirm, and click Continue.

6. You will now be prompted to install Duo Mobile. Since we have already done so in step 1, click “I have Duo Mobile.”

7. To link the app with your Vanderbilt account and complete your Duo enrollment, select “Take me to Duo Mobile.” 

8. By default, you will now be prompted to select one of two authentication options when logging into Brightspace. You can choose to receive either a 6 digit code or a push notification. When logging into these platforms on your computer, you will still receive the code or notification through the app on your mobile device. We strongly encourage users to enable push notifications as the default behavior, as this is a faster and easier method for authentication. To do so, follow the steps in the latter half of this guide. 


Enabling Push Notifications as the Default Behavior for Duo Mobile

1. Navigate back to the 2-Factor Authentication enrollment page here. You will be prompted to sign on with SSO once again. 

2. Authenticate with Duo mobile by selecting Enter a Passcode or Send Me a Push.

3. Under Default Device, find the dropdown which says Ask me to choose an authentication method. Select this dropdown and choose Automatically send this device a Duo Push.


4. Click Save to save your settings. You will now automatically receive a push notification when using Duo Mobile to authenticate.