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Package Transfer to Commons Center

Those who have packages delivered to the Rand Hall post office may elect to have the packages forwarded to the post office at The Commons Center. The packages will be available at The Commons Center post office on the next business day after the request is made.

The procedures are:

1. Recipient receives a notification email. The recipient must come in person to the package window at Station B in person to request that their package be transferred to Peabody.

2. If the recipient chooses to have the package delivered to the post office at The Commons Center, (see below for more information) and requests that the package be delivered to The Commons post office.

The normal pick-up location is the package window at the Rand Hall post office. However, during the fall move-in period, some packages will be at a temporary pick-up site. During that period, the site for a particular package can be found on the email package notification that the recipient will get at their Vanderbilt email address.

3. The package will be available for pick-up at The Commons post office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the next business day.

Recipient must present a valid Vanderbilt or State issued photo ID to retrieve the package.