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Scheduled/Timed Mail Delivery Routes

In order to provide Vanderbilt departments with timely and efficient mail pick-up and delivery schedules, Mail Services has redesigned our mail delivery to one delivery per day.  All routes have scheduled stops in each campus zone, and the schedule will be followed on a daily basis (barring inclement weather, power outages, holidays, etc.).

Every building that we deliver to/pick-up from has an assigned time scheduled

All outgoing mail must be ready for pick-up by the mail carrier at the designated time for your building/department.  Because the delivery routes are timed, mail carriers will not be able to wait for mail preparation.

If your department has a larger than normal mailing, please call in advance so that we can prepare accordingly.  If needed, Mail Services can send a special courier to pick up the mailing.  Please call in advance if you need mailing supplies, trays, buckets, etc.

Please find your building listed on the route schedule and note the pick up/drop off times scheduled for your building/department. Please have mail ready daily at these scheduled times. The pick up and drop off points have not changed for your areas/departments, only the scheduled times have changed. Please make everyone aware of the new scheduled time.  This is only if you have deliveries to your deparment from Station B

If you have any questions, please contact VU Mail Services (Station B) at 322-2934.

Route 1

9:15 - Jewish Center (Ben Schulman Center)

9:20 - Student Life Center (103, 109, 210)

9:25 - Olin Hall (Mechanical & Chemical Engineering)

9:30 - Eskind Biomeducal Library (7913 School of Medicine 7712)

9:35 - Stevenson Center

9:40 - MCN - Learned Labs

9:50 - Athletics

9:55 - Student Rec Center

10:00 - Police - Parking Services

10:05 - Episodes of Care

10:10 - Undergrad Admissions-Financial Aid-Student Accounts

10:15 - Alumni Hall

10:20 - Kirkland Hall

10:25 - Lowes Plaza

10:35 - Baker Building

10:45 - 2015 Terrace Place

10:50 - Centre Building

10:55 - Wilson Hall

11:00 - Law School

11:10 - OGSM

11:15 - Furman Hall

11:20 - Divinity School

11:25 - School of Nursing

11:30 - Villages of Vanderbilt

11:40 - Peabody Post Office

11:45 - Sony Building

11:50 - Station 17

11:55 - Belcourt

12:00 - Blakemore