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Mass Bulk Mailings






Mailings FROM CAMPUS GROUPS Or Offices/Departments

Departments or student organizations may send flyers and notices to the Vanderbilt community. We require

an advance notice of five days prior to the set delivery date. We only accept paper/mail pieces, we do not accept candy, bags/boxes, trinkets, pens/pencils or merchandise.

To inquire about specifics or dates please call 615-322-2934 or email

MAILINGS FROM Off-Campus Vendors

We can distribute approved materials* to any targeted student group or all students’ mailboxes for a fee.

Off-Campus Vendor Distribution Fees


(7,300 boxes)


Faculty, Staff and Departments

(1,000 boxes)


To schedule a mailing distribution, please call 615-343-4799 or email


• An advance notice of five days prior to the requested delivery date is required.

• Fliers (8 1/2 x 11) must be tri-folded to a letter envelope size.

• Postcards can be used but they must be on card stock.

• Quantities of 25 or more pieces that are individually addressed must be in numerical PMB mailbox order.

• All other items must be approved in advance before printing or dropping off at Vanderbilt University Mail Services.

• Mailings must be approved Vanderbilt business–related material.

* A copy of the item for distribution must be submitted for approval prior to distribution.


After your mailing is scheduled and approved, please deliver your items five business days in advance to:

Vanderbilt Mail Services

Attn: Campus Mailing —


Company Name, Date to be distributed, number to distribute

2301 Vanderbilt Place

Nashville, TN 37235

Items received without advanced notice or scheduling will be recycled.