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Welcome from the Parents and Family Association Board Co-Chairs:

On behalf of the Parents and Family Association Board, welcome new and returning members of the Vanderbilt community!

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the new challenging times we are in, a new school or academic year may seem overwhelming for both students and parents. Vanderbilt is committed to supporting and encouraging students as they embark on new experiences, and the resources available at Vanderbilt are designed to ease this transition and support you both along the way. From the Student Care Network and academic resources to the new Campus Connection program, Vanderbilt has many resources to support your student during their collegiate journey.  The digital handbook in the resource section of this site provides answers to questions related to academia and provides information on support services.

Vanderbilt is an amazing community for your student’s growth and discovery in preparing them for life beyond their time here. The university encourages students to question, to learn and explore, and to step outside of their comfort zone. They will have unique opportunities to collaborate across trans-institutional initiatives and challenge themselves. And they will make lifelong friends along the way and be #Vanderbilt4Life after Commencement.

As your student grows, we encourage you to learn and grow alongside them. Get involved in the Vanderbilt parent community either on campus or where you live. Immerse yourself, just as your student will, in all Vanderbilt University and the vibrant city of Nashville has to offer.


Anne and John Macdonald
Parents of Kenzie, Class of 2021
PAFA Board Co-chairs
Woodside, CA