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Addressing Mail to Students

All US mail should be addressed according to the examples below. First-class mail should be posted to the student’s virtual mailbox by 10:00 a.m. daily.

Address format for all undergraduate students


Name of student
PMB 35XXXX (xxxx is the student’s assigned 4-digit box number)
2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville TN 37235 – xxxx (xxxx is the student’s assigned 4-digit box number)


37235 is unique to Vanderbilt University and our Station B Post Office. It is not necessary to put Vanderbilt University in the address line. PMB designates a Private Mail Box located at 2301 Vanderbilt Place.

  • Always include a return address on all of your mail.
  • Do not ship or mail to a student’s residence hall.
  • Please use the registered name of the student on all mail pieces.
  • Use pre-printed address labels and return labels on all mail, or please write legibly.
  • NEVER SEND CASH IN THE USPS OR CAMPUS MAIL!!! If you choose to send cash it will be at your own risk! VU Mail Services will not be responsible for cash sent through USPS or campus mail. Cash should always be delivered in person, money order or placed on their Commodore Card.
  • Insure important items for the value of the contents. They will not pay for more than the item / items are worth.
  • Please use some type of tracking media (Signature Confirmation, Certified or Registered) if you are sending anything of critical importance, such as passports, credit cards, medicine, glasses, checkbook, etc.
  • Policy on Refrigerated Items.
    All refrigerated items will be held 2 days. If the item is not picked up or we have not heard from you by the 3rd day it will be returned to sender, or thrown away if perrishable. We will not give 2nd notifications or contact you again.

  • Policy on Refrigerated Medicines
    All medicines that are shipped to Vanderbilt Mail Services for student pick-up that require refrigeration must be emailed in advance to the Director of Campus Services at Vanderbilt . We will not be responsible for any medicines that do not follow these guidelines. All Medicine should be picked up same day.