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Mail Forwarding

  • We forward USPS mail ONLY. USPS mail can be forwarded for one year, magazines and newspapers should be forwarded or discontinued with the publisher/vendor. Packages can not be forwarded without paying additional delivery fees. Postage can be purchased online and printed here for the forwarding of packages. For prepaid postage labels send to or call 615-343-3759 for assistance.
  • Mail CANNOT be forwarded to addresses outside the United States.
  • Mail CANNOT be forwarded to another students mail box on campus.
  • We do not forward mail for 5 weeks or less. This is due to the turnaround time for the USPS. If you need something forwarded to you please call (615) 343-3759 and speak to a package clerk.
  • You may use our web link Click here from any computer to forward your mail. If you choose to forward your mail permanently you will not be allowed to change the address, you will need to contact Station B to make any changes.
  • Mail may be forwarded for students who leave the campus for study abroad, medical leave, personal leave, transfer to another school, graduate, and for any other extended leave. Some restrictions may apply. We cannot forward to overseas addresses.
  • Newspapers and magazines will not be forwarded; you should discontinue the subscription in advance or forward with the publisher/vendor.
  • Campus mail will not be forwarded; it will be sent back to the originating department with a correct forwarding address. Because this mail has no postage applied, the originating department/person will choose at their discretion if the mail piece should be mailed to the student’s forwarding address.
  • Cash should NEVER be sent through campus mail, for any reason. If you choose to do so it will be at your own risk. VU Mail Services will not be responsible for cash sent through the USPS or campus mail. Cash should always be delivered in person.
  • We DO NOT forward USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL or other common carrier delivered packages. If you have accidentally sent a package to your campus address and you have forwarded your mail, graduated or on an extended leave you will need to make arangements to purchase additional postage or your package may be returned to sender. If you need assistance please call 615-343-3759.