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Campus Mail

Vanderbilt University Mail Services sorts and delivers campus mail to box holders and departments of the Vanderbilt community (university central). For your campus mail to be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible, it should be addressed as follows:

Box Number

John Doe
Mail Services
PMB 351234

Vanderbilt University Mail Services sorts mail by PMB number only and not by name, department, building, or room number. Failure to list the correct PMB number may result in delays or misdirection of your mail. Envelopes lacking a PMB number are put aside for later research and will result in delivery delays. Properly addressed Campus Mail is delivered to your department/mailbox within 24 hours or next business day. Campus Mail is for any mail pertaining to Vanderbilt business. Campus Mail may not be used for political or personal correspondence.

Campus Mail Procedures

  • Campus Mail should include name, department, and PMB number. Mail Services sorts all mail by PMB numbers.
  • Campus envelopes should be used for all mailing to Vanderbilt (university central) offices. The envelopes are available in a variety of sizes from Procurement and Disbursement Services.
  • The orange and brown campus envelopes should be reused until all address spaces are filled. Address spaces should be used in numerical order. Please be sure to cross out other names as you put in your information. The gray envelopes may also be used. Each department should establish a central location where envelopes may be kept for redistribution.
  • The large campus envelopes should be sealed only in the case of confidential correspondence, and then by only using tape. The small gray envelopes may be sealed with the adhesive flap.
  • Large-size campus envelopes should be used only for items that can’t be folded.
  • White envelopes (first-class envelopes) with printed departmental return addresses should never be used for campus mail.
  • Cash / valuables (gift cards, credit cards, etc) should NEVER be sent through campus mail for any reason. Cash / valuables should always be hand delivered in person ONLY. If you choose to send cash / valuables through campus mail it will be at your own risk. VU Mail Services will not be responsible for cash / valuables sent through the USPS or campus mail.
  • Fragile items should never be sent through campus mail without prior approval or authorization.