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Metered Mail

The Domestic and International metered mail forms are used by Vanderbilt University departments who wish VU Mail Services to apply meter postage to outgoing USPS mail. The authorizing/sending department is charged by VU Mail Services for the meter postage to process their mail.

1. Departments will need to have the person responsible for preparing mail download both the domestic and international metered mail forms to their computer desktop. You may also want to designate a back up person for this task. You will need Adobe Acrobat version 7 or higher to use these forms. If you do not have version 7 or higher, there is a free upgrade available.

2. You will need to fill out one form for each domestic and international mail, since each requires different classes of postage and handling procedures.

3. Please read the directions on the forms and fill them out completely. As you enter the departmental charge account number, the form will automatically build a scanable bar code onto the form. Mail Services will scan this code into the metering machine as we process your mail. This is how we will charge your department for postage used.

4. You MUST use these forms when sending mail to Station B Post Office to be metered.

5. Mail that is not accompanied by these forms will be returned to the originating department. If you get pick up/deliveries mail will not be picked up unless it has the correct form attached.

6. You will need to use one form for domestic metered mail and one form for international metered mail. You can not use one form for both classes of mail.

7. International mail sent over with a domestic metered mail form may be processed as domestic mail. If so it will go out and be promptly returned to us from the USPS because of insufficient postage, which will delay your mail piece(s).

8. All international mail weighing over 13 ounces must be accompanied by a completed and signed customs form (PS form 2976 or PS form 2976A).


9. If you have questions, please contact Station B Post Office at 2-2934.


Metered Mail Form

Domestic mail form

International Mail form

This form is completed as follows:

Date Date of service
Requested By Name of person preparing mailing
Requesting Dept. Name of department where mail originates
PMB Box # Departmental location
Phone No. Telephone number of preparer
Center # Departmental account number and object code


Download Domestic Form

Download International Form