Families of Sophomores and Juniors

Welcome Back to Vanderbilt!

As your student's college journey continues, more and more opportunities will become available to them. We're excited to take these next steps with you and your family.

The second and third years at Vanderbilt are times of persistence, resilience, and transition. Students will go from exploring areas of study to selecting a major, form lasting new friendships, and continue building their community in and out of the classroom.

Your involvement in your student's life is as important as ever. Below, we've compiled a list of resources and information to help you navigate what's next, together.

Reach out to us anytime: parents@vanderbilt.edu.

Commodore Connection Newsletters

The Commodore Connection is the primary vehicle of communications with our parent community. As a monthly e-newsletter, we strive to engage and inform parents of key campus resources and updates. With additional consideration of highlighting strategic university priorities such as the residential experience, Opportunity Vanderbilt, Experience Vanderbilt, Student Care Network, and other university initiatives.

Opportunities Outside the Classroom

As your student settles into life on campus, we encourage them to seek out opportunities to connect and engage with the university community outside the classroom. Joining a student club is one way to build friendships, develop leadership skills and discover new interests. Students may also pursue studying abroad, an internship, or a project at The Wond'ry.

Support Is Here

The Student Care Network is a holistic network of services and resources pertaining to health and wellness available to all Vanderbilt University students who have paid the Student Health Fee.

Sophomore Year: Explore Academics and Career Options Broadly

  • Begin to complete AXEL requirements; select 3 potential majors and speak with the director of undergraduate studies in each of the 3 departments to learn more about the requirements of study
  • Explore opportunities for undergraduate research like the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Summer Research Program
  • Meet with a career coach and attend career events to find an internship or summer opportunity
  • Determine which student organizations are the best fit
  • Consider studying abroad this year or next
  • Plan for the summer-job, internship, research, or summer school
  • Declare a major by the end of your sophomore year
  • Submit the Immersion plan proposal by April 1

Junior Year: Experience Academic Depth and Start to Define Career Options

  • Keep working with the Career Center to develop your plans
  • Explore graduate school options and schedule any admittance exams needed (LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, etc.)
  • Take on leadership roles in student organizations
  • Log into the YES system and confirm your progress to degree completion.
  • Participate in service opportunities
  • Consider studying abroad this year
  • If your major field of study has an honors program, consider participating and writing an honors thesis
  • Affirm Immersion project progress

Campus Contacts

Still need help finding what you're looking for? We'll be happy to point you in the right direction! Feel free to send us an email at parents@vanderbilt.edu.