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Follow your curiosity.   Discover your passion.   Learn by experience.




Dedicated Faculty and Student Funding Streams

Class of 2023 Graduating with Immersion Vanderbilt

Immersion Vanderbilt Advisers from 9 Schools and Colleges

What is Immersion Vanderbilt? 

Immersion Vanderbilt is all about you.

What sparks your curiosity? What are you passionate about? What do you want to experience, create, and share?

Immersion Vanderbilt gives every Vanderbilt student the opportunity to pursue intellectual curiosities through immersive experiences that are as creative and unique as the students themselves.

The possibilities are limitless.

"Immersion Vanderbilt changed my life. Because of my Immersion project, I have discovered an entirely new side of myself."

-Eric Whitmer, Percussion Performance

"My research has given me the opportunity to learn techniques and skills that I never would in my day-to-day career."

-Kayla Prowell, Psychology

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