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Undergraduate research comes in many forms at Vanderbilt.  It is integrated into many of our academic courses and is featured as the capstone experience in a number of majors at the University. At Vanderbilt, creative activities also fall under the purview of what is considered research, so writing a screenplay, hosting a gallery exhibition, or composing an original piece of music are all considered research endeavors.

In addition to research opportunities offered throughout the academic year, Vanderbilt offers a wide range of research based summer opportunities, including the Vanderbilt University Summer Research Program (VUSRP) and an array of programs housed in colleges and schools and their departments. These programs offer summer support on a competitive basis to a number of undergraduate students seeking to collaborate with Vanderbilt’s esteemed research faculty.

Vanderbilt also sponsors and hosts special undergraduate research opportunities for students from other colleges and universities, giving students from across the nation (and the world) a chance to experience the intensity and rewards of Vanderbilt’s research mission.

Vanderbilt University prides itself on the diversity of student passions. Though most people think of research as a rigid set of procedures confined to a specific discipline, we think of it as a creative and interdisciplinary process.

Under the philosophy of One Vanderbilt, the undergraduate experience combines the best aspects of a liberal arts experience with a world-class research university, so students are able to form close mentoring relationships with professors across schools and disciplines, inside or outside of a particular major or school, and learn broadly and deeply while exploring the forefront of human knowledge.